What Are Three Rewards and Three Challenges That You Will Face as a Teacher?

1 January 2017

This paper will reflect on the information I have gained over this semester of class in Education 200. It will answer the question, what are the three rewards and three challenges that you will face as a teacher? I will use information from my text book, Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional (2011), and from my own ideas to answer this question. I hope to express my own personal ideas, and how I plan to use the information taught in this class to become a productive teacher. I also will share my goals in the teaching profession.

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What Are Three Rewards and Three Challenges That You Will Face as a Teacher?
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What Has This Class Taught Me About Teaching, What Are My Pros And Cons In The World Of Teaching? So how would I answer the question, what are the three rewards and challenges that you will face as a teacher, with a smile due to this class? The world of teaching is full of issues, from class room management, to assessments. Many first year teachers do not make it past their first year of teaching. Many are unprepared and have false ideas of the world of teaching, but with skills taught to us from this class, and personal experiences, I will make it.

The first challenge I will deal with is classroom management, which is really the key to a successful classroom. In our text book, Introduction To Teaching Kauchak, D. , & Eggen, P. (2011), we see how important it is to have a well managed classroom. On page 350 of Kauchak and Eggen (2011) we are taught how a well managed classroom works, “In a productive learning environment, students understand that learning is the highest priority, and they are respectful of others and accept responsibility for their actions”. Yes this will be difficult to achieve in the first year, but with planning it can be done. This really is a must for any classroom.

We are here to teach to the best of our ability, and a well managed classroom will provide the back drop for this. We will have eyes on us as teachers, and how we run our class room is very important. Learning is the central purpose of schooling, and the primary reason classroom management is so important is that students learn more and are more motivated to learn in well-managed classrooms (Good & Brophy, 2008). For example, students learn more when environment is comfortable and inviting, so effective teachers strive to create an emotionally safe environment in which students can live and learn.

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