What Are Your Career Goals

5 May 2017

Higher National Diploma in Biomedical Science leading to BSc(Hons) Biomedical Science Degree Biomedical Science is the application of biology – based science for medical use. It will allow you to learn the human body at the whole body, organ, tissue, cell and sub cellular level. You will also learn how these systems can go wrong in various diseases and how accurate diagnosis can be made using a variety of laboratory tests.

Biomedical Science is a continually changing, dynamic profession with long-term career prospect including research, management and education. Biomedical Scientist Biomedical Scientist learns scientific and personal skills and gain qualification that can be transferred all over the world and can be recognised globally. BTEC HND Biomedical Science graduates may apply for the associate membership of the Institute of Biomedical Science in the I-JK after obtaining 5 years of relevant work experience.

Careers Hospital laboratory biomedical scientist Industrial laboratory bio-scientist Bio-science research Medicine or Dentistry (after acceptance in medical school and further raining) Science teaching Transfer Opportunities Students, who successfully complete HND in Biomedical Science, can transfer to Northumbria University Biomedical Science Degree which is accredited by the Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBMS).

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It provides the education and training required to become a Registered Biomedical Scientist. awarded by BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) BTEC HND in Biomedical Science is a 16 unit higher level qualification which is awarded by Edexcel LJK. Programme Structure

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