What Caused Succession? Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Before the Civil War began in 1861. there were major factors that led to the sezession of the southern provinces. These factors affected the people of America enormously due to slavery and racial segregation. Three important factors that led the 11 southern provinces to splinter from the Union were emancipationists ( Doc. 5 ) . Kansa-Nebraska Act. and the election of 1860 ( Doc. 1 ) .

During the period of slave being. emancipationists began to arise against the state of affairs ( Doc. 5 ) . Abolitionists were people who were against bondage and would take action by making something in their ain manner. One of the most known emancipationists was Harriet Beecher Stowe. In 1852. she wrote a book called “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that spoke about inkinesss populating on plantation. Another celebrated emancipationist was Harriet Tubman. She was called the “Moses of her people” and led runaway slaves towards the Underground Railroad. In the Compromise of 1850. a Fugitive Slave Law was put into consequence.

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This jurisprudence made Americans aid happen runaway slaves. This jurisprudence finally had people hunt for Harriet Tubman because of her important aid with the escaping of slaves. This jurisprudence was resented by the Northerners and caused struggle between the North and South.

In 1854. the Kansas-Nebraska Act was an act that repealed the Missouri Compromise ( Doc. 5 ) . The Missouri Compromise was an understanding that allowed the province of Missouri to come in as a slave province ; all territory North of 36-30 latitude was considered a free province. In the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Senator Douglas ( Doc. 3 ) demanded to split the land West of Missouri into two districts. Kansas and Nebraska. There was a petition popular sovereignty ; this allowed the people to vote and make up one’s mind if they wanted a free or slave province. Subsequently on. pro-slavery and anti-slavery protagonists traveled to Kansas to find the consequences f the first election after it was put into affect. When another election was held. the two groups argued and it led to force: dubing the province “Bleeding Kansas” . This act finally led to the find of the Republican Party. which opposed spread of bondage into the districts ( Doc. 6 ) . This consequence moved closer and closer to the Civil War.

The last factor that led to the sezession was the election of 1860 ( Doc. 1 ) . During this election. four campaigners were running for president. First was Breckinridge. a Democrat and supported by Southerners. Second. Douglas who was a Democrat supported by the North. Third. J. Bell who was a Constitutional Union Party. Last. Lincoln who was a Republican and won most ballots from the North ( Doc. 4 ) . When Lincoln was elected President. the brotherhood was under Republican ends. These ends were high duties. transcontinental railway and maintaining slaves out of western districts. Once Lincoln was elected. the province of South Carolina seceded ( interrupt off ) . As Lincoln took office. the 11 southern provinces so seceded because the North is powerful and has more of a population ( Doc. 2 ) .

Throughout the mid 1800’s. the indispensable events that had taken topographic point led to a dramatic alteration in the Union. The 11 southern provinces seceded and more significantly. caused the Civil War to get down. Those four old ages of combat and 1000000s of deceases led to desolation and permanent racial hatred consequences.

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