What Changes Took Place During the Renaissance and Why Did They Occur?

1 January 2017

The Renaissance was period of time in which Roman and Latin culture was revived into the lives of the European people. It occurred between the 14th and the 17th century. It began in Italy and later spread to the rest of Europe. It changed the lives of many by introducing Roman and Latin architecture, art, science, religion, technology, medicine and anatomy. The Renaissance changed art by introducing linear perspective, becoming less focused on religion and by establishing new techniques. Artists then painted in three dimensions so the paintings looked more realistic.

The new techniques consisted of use of lighting, shadows, and human anatomy. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa included new techniques such as lighting and shadows and human anatomy. These changes occurred because art became less focused on religion and painted became more interested in the idea of humanism and man. The Renaissance intensely changed the people’s concept of religion. The printing press made the Bible more accessible to the common people. Martin Luther was a German Protestant theologian. His translation made the Bible more accessible to the common people and caused a tremendous impact of the Catholic Church.

He provided the foundation for the King James Version of the Bible and believed that anyone could translate and have an opinion on the Bible, not just the Catholic priests. After reading it they then disagreed with what the Catholic Church was teaching them before and learnt that the Catholic Church was corrupt and people couldn’t buy their way into heaven, and soon people opposed the Catholic Church’s understanding of the Bible and started their own Protestant religions. This happened because the Catholic Church had lost power and people could think for themselves, and the printing press printed more Bibles so people read more of it.

In the Renaissance technology took a giant leap forward by introducing the printing press, magnetic compass, eyeglasses and the windmill. The printing press helped many especially the poor to read and learn more. Before the printing press, writers would have to write each book by hand, which would take long and cost a lot, so only the rich could afford them. But when the printing press came, people would be hired to print books and other pages very quickly and therefore cost less. The magnetic compass was introduced mainly to sailors to help them navigate more easily in the sea without the need for navigation but stars or sun.

The eyeglasses helped many older people who have difficulty to see. Before, these people would have to cope without seeing properly and life would be hard to live for them. In conclusion, the Renaissance was one of the most important time periods for the development of humanity because of its significant advancements in science, technology, religion, and art. These improvements were caused mainly by the introduction towards humanism and the fall of superstition, corruption and the Catholic Church. This period of time sparked a new age of thoughts and opinions for the advancement of humanity.

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