What Constitutes Good Leadership?

4 April 2015
A detailed look at the skills, characteristics and types of personalities that make a good leader

This paper looks at what good leadership encompasses. The author provides various theories of leadership, such as the contingency theory and the transformational leadership theory. The paper looks at why leadership is important for success and provides guidelines for successful leadership. Included is a comparison between managers and leaders, female and male leaders and various leadership styles.
Table of Contents:

What is Leadership?
Theories of leadership
Purpose of Leadership
Effective Leadership
Why Leaders are Important
Understanding the Basics
Are Leaders Born or Made?
Differences between Managers and Leaders
Male and Female Managers How Different Are They?
Forging the Future
New Definitions for Leaders in the 21st Century

From the paper:

“In this society, leadership is dispersed through out all segments of the society government, business, organized labor, professions, the minority communities, the universities, social agencies, and so on. Most leadership today is an attempt to accomplish purpose through large, intricately organized systems. Individuals in all segments and at all levels must be prepared to exercise leadership taking initiatives and responsibility using their knowledge to solve problems at their level. (R.G. Lord, 1991).”

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