What Do You Do for Good Health

5 May 2017

Health is Wealth” is very much true. One must try hard to remain healthy we are healthy ,we can easily fight with other problems of life. people do many different things to remain healthy . some go for healthy diet, other recommended exercise, and rest thinks health awareness is important ,after all “Prevention is better than cure. ” A healthy diet is very necessary to remain healthy. People must take care of their diet.

Everybody should read the ingredients before buying any eatables as well as how any vitamins it contains Americans are facing a very big problem of obesity. This is due to their unhealthy diet ,mostly people used to eat in fast food restaurants. Obesity leads to many health problems like heart attack, blood pressure, Cholesterol problem. Fat people can work less and with less efficiency. Balance diet which contains fruits, green vegetable Juices fibre are healthier choices for your regular die . roper diet plan is always helpful for better health like less oily and sugary ood . Sticking to healthy diet keep you in great shape and in a healthy life style. Exercise is helpful to maintain our healthy lifestyle. Few minutes of exercise can make lot difference. While exercising, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that can improve your mood and the way you feel about yourself . Another source of exercise is yoga. Yoga not only gives physical exercise but also mental relaxation.

What Do You Do for Good Health Essay Example

Meditation is another source of exercise and realising stress this helps you in North- western University say sleep problems affect millions of adults, who could likely improve their quality of sleep, vitality, and mood with regular aerobic exercise. Health awareness is factor that people are living longer. Regular medical checkup, clean and tidy life style ,nutritious food are few examples. Everybody should read the ingredients before buying any eatables as well as how many vitamins it contains. People

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