What does sense of purpose mean to you?

1 January 2017

What are some of your professional short- and long-term goals that fulfill that sense of purpose? Having a sense of purpose to me means being able to do something you feel to be important. It means having goals and knowing what you want to do in life. It also means having a personal vision of where you want to be in a few year time. Also, it means knowing our role in an organization. A sense of purpose is having direction to progress towards your long-term and short-term goals.

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It’s finding and fulfilling your desires. A professional long-term goal that fulfills a sense of purpose for me is starting a new career as a network administrator and eventually becoming the senior network administrator. A short-term professional goal for me is obtaining my degree in network administration. DQ2 Review the tutorial, Reasonable (SMART) Goal Setting ( Week Two Activity One), and answer the following questions: How do you prioritize equally important goals? How do you maintain flexibility and focus in reaching all these goals?

I prioritize equally important goals by which one will be more beneficial towards my future. For example, I might want to plan a trip to go back-packing through Europe for a summer. However, that goal conflicts with my long-term goal to go to college and earn my degree to further my career. The best method to use for conflict management is to use maturity and wise decision making. I would need to think about the benefits of both goals and determine which goal benefits you the most.

Earning a degree is the more logical choice at this point in my life because it would help me to provide for my future. I maintain flexibility and focus in reaching my goals by staying aware of the tasks at hand. If we do not stay aware of our life’s progression at the highest level, it is easy to lose either focus or flexibility. Also, I make sure my goals are written down somewhere were I can see them often. Lastly, I prioritize each of my goals. DQ 5 What barriers must you overcome in order to achieve your college goals?

Describe at least three strategies you have created to overcome these barriers. There are a few barriers I must overcome in order to achieve my college goals. My first barrier is procrastination. A lot of the time I am big on waiting until the last minute to get things done. My second barrier is my scheduling. Since I have so many things going on in my life, I have to find time to add in time for studying and doing my school work. Lastly, I must overcome health barriers.

Currently, I have to deal with a condition called schizoaffective disorder, which contributes to a lack of focus, lack of concentration, and not being able to sit still among things. Three strategies I use to overcome and cope with these barriers are: 1. I start doing my school work in the morning, instead of at night when I am in bed. 2. I have passed work tasks off to others and some home tasks off to my fiance. 3. I make sure I see my doctors regularly and take my medications when I’m suppose to.

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