What External and Internal Influences Affect a Business Environment

1 January 2017

What are products do you produce/sell? What percentage does each product represent in terms of your gross revenue? 3. Do your current products or services have substitute products and services? Explain. If so, what kind of substitute products and services? 4. What have you done recently to improve your products or services? . Is your current equipment or machinery an impediment to growth? Explain. If so, what kind of equipment or machinery could improve your business? 6. Where do you go when you need money for your business?

What are the activities that your business undertakes to achieve your business goals? 8. Can you classify these activities into Primary Activities and Support Activities? 9. To whom do you sell your product or service (large firms, small firms, wholesalers, exporters, retailers, direct to consumers, etc. )? What percentage goes to each?

Describe the relationships you have with these buyers (who determine what to produce, product specifications, prices, and amount purchased? ).

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How much input do you have? 11. How strong is the market for your products/services right now? Next year? What trends do you see? 12. Who are your most important suppliers and what do you buy from each? 13. Do you have competitors? Who are they? How does your customer distinguish you from those competitors? 14. How have these competitors failed? How have they succeeded? 15. To gain a competitive advantage over other firms is this one of the major challenges that faced you?

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