What Family Means to Me

9 September 2016

What Family Means To Me There are things in life we simply do not have a choice about. These include birth, death, taxes and of course the people we are permanently associated with. From the moment of conception we live with people who help and shape our lives known as our family. As a teenager this “no choice deal” seems very frustrating to me at times. But through every argument, every decision my parents make and every time I “push my limits” Im still forced to admit the truth, without my family I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

My family means the world to me. Every time I have a problem their always open, like a door that never closes and locks. And when they comfort you, they are like a pillow and blanket that is their too keep you warm and feel great. My family helps me reach my goal in life. I am lucky that I even have a family. Some families can be torn apart. A family means each person of the family should love and care for the family, no one should be left alone in the darkness.

What Family Means to Me Essay Example

I am very careful in choosing my friends which is a quality I owe to both my parents. They thought me a lot, they almost always take the time to help me when I need something and they care about me a lot too much sometimes which can be annoying because they act too over protective but it’s for my own good at the end of the day, they only want the best for me as they always say. As I understand more and more about how and why they act certain ways and make certain decisions.

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