What Has Become of Sports?

4 April 2015
A persuasive discussion of the transformation of sports into a money making business.

This is a persuasive paper that tackles the idea that sports has become simply a marketing agent and a business game rather than a sport that promotes competition, values and respect. The author argues that sport has recently been transformed to a commercial mechanism whereby the media promotes ideals of heroes and contribute to the ideals of falsity and corruption. Sports has become a commodity and a marketing tool and a money orientated idea. Includes an analysis of the statement by Tyler Cowen “we run the danger that commercially successful heroes induce dangerous forms of mimesis and fail to help citizens coordinate around noble ideas.”
“Thesis: The marketing of sports has become a business where players make more money marketing the products than playing the game. Sports heroes are then, no longer promoting the ideals of competition and values, rather through the commercialization of the team and player they are contributing falsity to a society already chaotic. ”

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