What I see as challenges young adults face today

5 May 2016

What ever happened to the “good ol days” grandma spoke of? It seems young adults have taken on an array of challenges that weren’t as prevalent years ago. Young adults face countless challenges. From education to employment of which both are hard to either get or maintain. these challenges can lead one to stress and eventually create a deeper world of challenges.

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Young adults seem to be more vulnerable to life’s ups and downs. The lack of experience and naïve perception of the world can lead them to create unrealistic goals leaving nothing but heartache and the inability to overcome the challenges that are thrown at them.

Let’s begin with education. Fortunately education is top priority to students and of course the parents that led these young adults toward wanting a higher learning. Unfortunately the tuition for the education sought out for is too steep for most young adults.

A survey done by The Haratio Alger Association, “shows that out of 1500 students surveyed around the country three of every four had “some” or “major” concerns about whether they would be able to pay for college”. This statement is unfortunate because from a young age kids are taught that education is key, only to grow up, go out into the real world and discover that the key is actually money. Increased tuition forces students young or old to seek employment to pay their way through college.

The problem here is that the jobs found are barley paying enough for anyone to make it through the month let alone pay for tuition. Student loans are then presented to the student as an option to pay for college. But this too poses a problem since the interest rates fluctuate depending on the economy. The Washington Post mentions that currently Obama is signing an interest rate law putting a cap on students loans for the lifetime of the loan. But this still does not change the fact that colleges are overly charging students for an education.

Another challenge young adults face is employment. It is no surprise that
the job market is in a terrible state. There aren’t many jobs out there and the one’s that are available want more experience than young adults posses. The job market is competitive today because of the lack of employment. Just 58.6 percent of American civilians 16 and up had jobs in April according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“This is a lower employment to population rate than the worst part of the recession in 2007-09“. Says Peter Coy. With a lack of jobs available employers have an increased volume of jobs seekers looking for work and it only makes sense to higher those with an x amount of experience or of course those that possess a degree. Until our economy is at a better state young adults today will continue to have the added challenge of searching for a job that will help pay for tuition and put food in their mouths.

After the pressures of increased college tuition and failure to find a job that will help pay for the college tuition many young adults will find themselves stressed. Often times stress will push you to perform better or even study better but if under constant stress it can lead to more serious health issues such as depression.

Depression is an emotional symptom of stress if caused by stressors. While this type of depression starts off minor it can turn into something major. Leaving young adults stuck with this overwhelming feeling of wanting to give up. Finding it hard to overcome since their new perception of life seems like a vicious cycle. Once stress has led them to depression they begin to procrastinate and neglect responsibilities. If one is not strong enough they will remain in this state of feeling like they have come as far as they could go and unfortunately this is the end of the road for them.


Young adults today face many obstacles today that seem to have gotten worse over the years. If jobs are not increased and tuition continues to increase so shall the problems for young adults which can lead to stress and depression creating an even greater whirlwind of challenges.


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