What Inspired My Childhood Dreams

5 May 2017

My childhood dreams. Children are the greatest dreamers who have ever been known by the universe. Their dreams are endless, because they are not limited by any conventions and knowledge about how the world works. In childhood fantasies everything is possible: and flying on a broomstick, and passing through the wall and turn someone and something into anything. Of course, this is only an incorporeal fantasy. But, how can you see that these fantasies are not foreseen reality? It is said that children’s dreams are magnificent, clean and naive.

Of course, it’s fine to dream of how to learn to fly or of having a brother or a sister. Someone dreamt to become an actor or an ice cream seller or someone wanted to be a teacher. Many children wanted to be heroes or to be like their favorite characters from cartoons. I dreamt a lot as a child, and my dreams were sometimes very strange and funny, and I still keep dreaming of most of my childhood dreams. For example, I still dream of a magic wand that would solve my problem. I do not believe that I will really have it, but that does not stop me from dreaming of it.

What Inspired My Childhood Dreams Essay Example

As a child, I wanted to have a magic wand to create toys, turn stones into kittens and cast curses on my “enemies”. I wanted to transform myself into anyone using my magic wand and save everybody from monsters with the help of it. I also wanted to play the violin, and I still dream of it now. But in my childhood it was a magic violin, and I played so that everyone around admired my ideal playing. And in my childhood dreams to play the violin was easy and did not require much effort. I also wanted to be able to talk to animals, and so that they would not run away from e.

And we could be friends as well. Most of all I wanted to talk to my cats. If I had talked to animals, I would have asked them to help me to spy on my friends. That would have been fun! And moreover my friend and I dreamt to become warriors in our childhood. I did not want to be a princess because I thought it was not interesting. I did not like fluffy and uncomfortable dresses, I liked to fght and win. We fought with sticks, ran across the yard and protected each other from dragons. More than anything, I wanted to become an archer.

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