What is a Farmer?

6 June 2017

What Is A Farmer? A farmer isn’t Just a person that grows food. A farmer is a provider. They provide all the fruits, vegetables, and meats that we like and need to eat. Farming isn’t Just a hobby, it’s a Job. It is the farmer’s Job to grow flowers and foods, and to raise and care for animals and then sell them. I think that it would be hard to be a farmer. Farmers have to work very hard sometimes to make a living. Some farmers have to work from sunrise to sunset. And farmers rarely get days off.

However, many farmers love their Job. You can’t Just be a farmer without any knowledge. You have to know enough about crops, growing conditions, and plant diseases to make good decisions. Farmers also need to know how to use tools well to fix things. They also need to resolve conflicts and manage people. Farmers need to have business skills. They need to know accounting and bookkeeping. Many people learn from farming from growing up on a farm. Children, like myself, learn a lot about farmers from farming lubs like 4-H.

What is a Farmer? Essay Example

When the students learn about farmers, some may decide that they want to be one when they grow up. If they do they should take classes in math, biology, and other life sciences. As you can see, farming is obviously not that easy to do without an education. Now I know what you’re thinking. “How much do you get paid to be a farmer? ” Well, some farmers vary from year to year. For example, a farmer may show a profit one year and a loss the next. Many farmers may make money in others Jobs.

Some farmers run farms for other people and get a salary. Local conditions will determine where farmers work. For example, if you want to produce milk, you’ll most likely to find a Job in California, Wisconsin, New York, or Pennsylvania. Or if you want to produce eggs head to Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or California. And if you want about cotton you should try Texas, California, Mississippi, Georgia, or Arizona. Now those are Just a few things that you can produce, but there several more. Farmers have a big Job and they do a great Job at it.

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