What is a home in my view

8 August 2016

What is a Home in my view A home is defined as: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. A home is much more than where you just live, it doesn’t have to be the greatest biggest fanciest place ever, it’s the place you were brought up where you were raised and brought up feeling comfortable. The place that is kept in our memories for the rest of our lives and that reminds us of our childhood, but our home doesn’t just have to be the place where we grew up in, it can be anywhere you feel at place home is where you make, it where you feel loved, welcomed and cared for.

My home can be very different compared to your home or the person sitting next to you. Our culture family and friends makes a home. I don’t just have one home I have many homes I remember riding over in my bicycle to my best friend’s house every day after school and if he wouldn’t be home yet his mom would just tell me to wait for him in his room. She would tell me to turn on the TV “and make yourself comfortable I have some food cooking on the stove I’ll call you when it’s done”. Id usually wait for my friend’s arrival and fall asleep watching the TV while waiting for my friend to get back home from school.

What is a home in my view Essay Example

He would usually get home half an hour later since we went to different schools, but as soon as he got there we would eat then play video games or jump in his pool for a couple of hours. I saw his home as my own and I still do. My friend and his family still to this day invite me over to eat we joke around listen to music and listen to stories his family has to share its always a great time. Home is the place where you were brought up the place where you were molded into the person you are today. It is the place where you have your best childhood memories where you learned how to walk, talk, laugh, love etc.

the place you had your favorite toys, dishes, TV set, movies. In my case my favorite place after playing and getting all dirty was the bath we had in our little apartment it had a few cracks and scratches here and there but I loved it. I remember my mom getting it ready for me she wouldn’t do it all the time, but it was sort of a special treat for me once in a while she would put my favorite power rangers bubbles into the tub and I loved to watch while they foamed up and id rush to my room and get some of my favorite toys to bring in and play

With while I showered so it was a great two in one type of deal I’d get a shower while playing and having a blast. Then a home cooked meal was made for me or if it wasn’t that it would be my favorite witch was chef Boyardee raviolis. Those little things made home what it was and is. Old memories about home are coming back. In the holidays I love and enjoy going to my grandparents’ home that’s usually where my family meets up during Christmas or thanksgiving to celebrate and give thanks for everything we’ve received.

My aunts and my mom are usually teaming up to get the food done we eat menudo, posole, turkey, tamales and all the other great holiday foods while my uncles and grandparents are outside listening to music and sitting around a bond fire talking and catching up telling stories of when they were young and the adventures they had or when they talked about the place they lived when they were our age. Depending on what culture you’re from is what you eat and celebrate with friends and family and have a wonderful memorable time together.

It is where there are old memories are remembered and brought up. Every year after all of our family parts and go back where they live I wish the holidays would be a bit longer I’ve always felt at home when all of my family gets together no matter whose house it is it’s a feeling of comfort and protection of fun and exciting memories created and more to come in future years. Our home can also be remembered as the place where we keep out belongings, where you got your own first room or where you got your bicycle the block where you had you first knee scrape.

Your home doesn’t necessarily have to be your own house where you live at It can be your community the place where you spent your childhood playing or when you were a teen the burger joint you would spend your time at hanging out with friends your home town is also Your home. I remember spending much of my time with friends my teen years over at willies doughnuts drinking tea during the summer then riding our bikes over to either the mall or going to jack in the box for the dollar meal specials.

Then returning back home and my parents being worried sick because I hadn’t told them where I was going or when I was coming back. I ended up getting grounded a few days or more like the belt, then they would forget and I’d go out and do it again a few weeks later I would never learn the easy way but my parents raised me well, taught me good values and respect I’ve learned much in my home and one day when I have children I want them to have a home just like I have and for

Them to call there grandparents’ home there home as well, but that’s further into the future when I’m stable and I can give my future family a good decent house that we can call home. I’ve learned that when were younger we usually take home for granted as in the place where are parents raised and cared for us until we get older and we learn the true meaning of the home and our family. When we leave our home is when we truly learn what it meant but we create new homes on our own we grow up and create a family we receive friends and other relatives and were truly learn what it means to have a home.

Ive left the home my parents brought me up in for long periods of time before and ive really learned what it feels like to miss my home my room my bed but most of all the most important people who make the home my family. Without them my home would be an empty place it would be more like a house instead of a home. Think back and ask yourself where do you call home? I’m sure you’ve lived in different places such as I have and there might have been homes where you had many great memories and fun experiences. I sometimes think back of one of my older homes where I lived in a small town heading to Riverside called Banning I loved it there.

I remember my dad having a great big garden in the back filled with corn, tomatoes, squash and peppers. He’d make me help him out with it once in a while after school and I found it to be enjoyable and relaxing i didn’t find it as a chore i found it as a type of hobby. When the vegetables were nice and ripe we would pick them and when i picked the corn and peeled it i enjoyed getting the little fibery hairs that the corn leaves had inside and put them all over my parents and my siblings weed have a blast playing around with it.

The best part was when we brought in the juicy red tomatoes and my mom would cut them up put a bit of salt over them and we ate them as a snack we would enjoy the fruit of our labor like my dad uses to say. That’s where I learned how hard work pays off, in the winter time I remember going out in the mornings and looking up at the beautiful snow filled mountains at the distance and looking at the fountain we had in the front and the water would be frozen solid.

That home was also where I saw it first snow me and my younger sister where out playing and then all of a sudden we saw small white snowflakes coming down I remember being really excited since it was the first time seeing snow coming down I remember it being awesome, but now that i think back it was beautiful I’ll never forget that after we played outside my mom made us go take a warm shower and my dad had the fire place lit up and there was hot chocolate and sweat bread waiting for us after.

Home is an amazing wonderful place filled with great, sad and happy moments it reflects our values and beliefs. Home is that warm place you think about and go to every time you’re feeling tired or where you re-energized your mind and body, and if you’re far from home just the thought of it can bring your hopes and emotions up. Like I’ve said and will say again home isn’t the fanciest prettiest place ever it’s where you feel comfortable, where you have family and friends in which care for you love and support you. This is my view and definition of home what’s yours?

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