What Is a Mega Event? Essay Sample

8 August 2017

This essay will dig into what Mega Events are described to be and how they are identified by faculty members. This essay shall portray the difference in different types of Mega Events. what all Mega Events have in common utilizing existent life illustrations and chiefly the cardinal elements. Bladen et Al ( 2012 ) states that there are many different illustrations of what an Event is depending on the point of view. it describes the general features of an Event to be impermanent. assemblages of people. frequently ritual shows and are normally alone ; nevertheless Mega Events are described as being events that are on a planetary graduated table ; go forthing behind long footings effects on the topographic point in which it took topographic point and besides for the people that attended. Mega Events are normally every few old ages. for illustration the winter and summer Olympic games are every four old ages. Mega Events can be recognised for non merely the economic impacts but besides the societal impacts every bit good as the audience scale the Event additions during it.

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The audience of a Mega Event is non merely the figure of attendants but besides the figure of people that watched the Event via other agencies of media. for illustration when the 2012 Olympics in London were running. non merely could people watch it on telecasting but besides the cyberspace. even some wireless Stationss had commentary on was go oning during the 2012 games.

In 2006 the FIFA World Cup held in Germany was live on telecasting. although 3. 4 million people watched the game in the bowl ; the cumulative telecasting audience was 26. 3 billion. ( FIFA 2007 ) . Bowdin et Al ( 2001 ) explained that Mega Events will impact whole economic systems and in consequence they are circulated widely in the planetary media. ‘Mega-events’ are large-scale cultural ( including commercial and featuring ) events which have a dramatic character. mass popular entreaty and international significance’ Roche. M. ( 2000 ) . Mega- events and Modernity: Olympics. Expos and the Growth of Global Culture. Abington. Routledge. Horne and Manzenreiter ( 2006 ) extended this quotation mark by saying that Mega Events should pull media representatives and viewing audiences from legion states across the universe. Getz ( 2007 ) besides emphasises Bowdin’s statement by adding that Mega Events besides involve touristry. media coverage and besides economic impacts. “Mega-events. by manner of their size or significance. are those that yield inordinately high degrees of touristry. media coverage. prestigiousness. or economic impact for the host community or destination” ( Getz 1997. p. 6 ) . Getz ( 1997 ) described Mega Events to hold a measureable length and non to be for good settled in topographic point.

Mega Events have many cardinal features such as size. planetary audience and the command procedure in common. Bladen et Al ( 2012 ) states Mega Events can be divided into three chief divisions ; cultural. political and featuring Mega Events. The promotion and enlargement of both regional and national civilization is the chief importance of cultural Mega Events. cultural events are based on history and tradition and normally run over a figure of yearss. Political Mega Events are held to discourse schemes on planetary trade. the environment and security. Sporting Mega Events are Events based on athletics. they are the most studied type of event and they continue to turn significantly. Cultural Mega Events open a metropolis to the universe which normally runs over a figure of yearss. World’s Fair or World Expo’s are the most recognized cultural Mega Event. The World Expo’s are considered to be the 3rd largest event in the universe in footings of economic and cultural impact. after the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Expos were traditionally developed to showcase new innovations and to ease cultural exchange between states. they are besides used to advance take parting states.

For illustration. Expo ’92 in Seville was used by Spain to advance itself as a modern and democratic state. Cultural Mega Events focal point on the development and publicity of different states. Since the 1970s Political Mega Events have increased in size with the positive development of globalization. NGOs from the developed and developing universe meet to debate policies on planetary trade. security and the environment. An illustration of a Political Mega Event is the United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009. 15. 000 delegates and 5000 journalists’ attended this event which lasted for 11 yearss in an effort to make a new planetary understanding on the reaction to climate alteration. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen around 100. 000 dissenters provoked a big and dearly-won constabularies response. However. ?80 million was raised for the local economic system ; the event besides brought together decision-makers and political leaders with planetary degrees of influence.

At a distance 1000000s of other people besides participated through protest ( Bladen et al. 2012 ) . Sporting Mega Events can be described by Roberts ( 2000 ) as he states that the word ‘Mega’ means events must hold the ability to direct promotional messages to one million millions of people via telecasting and other beginnings of the media. 3. 9 billion people was the estimated figure that watched parts the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. and the cumulative Television audience estimation was 40 billion. 35. 000 hours in sum was devoted to its media coverage entirely. The summer and winter Olympic Games that have taken topographic point since 1992. the winter Olympic Games is approximately one?quarter the size of the summer Games in footings of jocks and events and so some might reason that it is non a true ‘mega’ event ( Matheson & A ; Baade. 2003 ) . The summer Olympics are every four old ages to day of the month and go on to happen in the same twelvemonth as the European Football Championships. The winter Olympics occur at the same clip as the FIFA Football World Cup finals and the Commonwealth Games.

Within twenty old ages seven new athleticss and 79 events were added to the summer Olympics. Twenty?eight athleticss have featured in the Summer Olympics since 2000. although this figure has been taken down to 26 athleticss due to baseball and playground ball being removed after the 2008 Olympics. From 1998 the FIFA World Cup Finals have expanded from 24 to 32 football squads. Sporting Mega Events are still turning well even if athleticss are being cut from agendas ; they still create a immense screening audience. An illustration of Sporting Mega Events turning in the industry is the summer Olympics in Los Angeles. 1984. 140 states took portion. 6797 jocks competed. and 221 events took topographic point in 23 athleticss by 2004 in Athens 201 states were involved and 11. 099 jocks took portion in 301 events in the 28 Olympic athleticss ( Malfas et al. 2004 ) One ground that explains the addition in featuring Mega Events is with modern engineering more people can watch events like the Olympics for illustration on telecasting now. this creates a immense planetary audience and as more people are watching it. it becomes more popular.

Key faculty members suggest that the most of import elements for a Mega Event are: The planning procedure. command procedure. media. public ingestion. political engagement. voluntaries and security. for this essay the focal point will be on how the media portray Events and how the public sees this. Roche ( 2009 ) states that the Olympics are a media event before they are a national event. Horne and Manzenreiter ( 2006 ) claim that Mega events have taken off in the industry chiefly due to the media and Mega Events are planetary events. Roche ( 2000 ) explains that the World Expos purpose has ever been to showcase planetary civilization and with the rise of new media it has created competition for their targeted audience. He so stated that Mega Events such as the Olympic Games without any inquiry do measure up as illustrations of ‘media-events’ and that they have besides taken off in the industry due to media beginnings. The Olympic Games created a really big media presence. Individual journalists and media companies were given permission to describe whilst the Games were unrecorded and besides they were given entree to countries that were constructed for them to stop up straight into the planetary media webs. Web logs and other signifiers of societal media for illustration chirrup were besides used to advance the Olympics. Television and other signifiers of media were used to portray the event worldwide. Billings ( 2010 ) examined the difference between media for masculine and feminine sporting activities and stated that the linguistic communication used by telecasters for male jocks is higher than for female jocks.

The writer argued that merely sex appropriate athleticss are shown on telecasting for premier clip broadcast medium. for illustration. swimming. path and field events. He stated that female jocks are chiefly criticised and judged about their heterosexual entreaty. while male jocks are judged on their accomplishments and bravery. both male and female contestants should be judged and spoken about via the media on the same subject. that subject being their accomplishments and bravery. non how they look. Whilst the media normally portray great things about the Olympics to derive a wider audience. the media can besides make a negative mentality on the event non merely about how contestants may non hold done every bit good as predicted but besides about the manner they look. The media is aimed at the populace to do them desire to read more about the Olympics for illustration and to do the populace want to acquire involved and watch it. Ovide and Stewart ( 2012 ) found out that during the gap ceremonial of the 2012 Olympics. chirrup was one of the top media networking systems used. 9. 66 million tweets were sent by people worldwide. and during the Games Usain Bolt won both the 200m and 100m spirit making over 80. 000 tweets per minute.

The public feel as though they can link with the contestants when they tweet as many of the contestants have twitter excessively. As Ovide and Stewart ( 2012 ) province that chirrup has decidedly enhanced the relationship between the populace and rivals. leting jocks to go much more similar famous persons. it besides helps to construct relationships either from the broadcaster to viewer or from the jock to supporter/viewer. However every bit great as this may sound many people feel as though they have the right to compose hurtful messages to the jocks. and jocks besides think they can compose violative messages and acquire off with it. two jocks. Greece’s Paraskevi Papachristou and Switzerland’s Michel Morganella. were booted out of the Olympics for violative remarks on Twitter. The media is seen by the populace as a manner of publicity nevertheless a few jocks were forced to take remarks on societal networking sites about the trade name of their footwear. as these trade names were non patrons of the Games in 2012. Mega Events do more than merely publicize and host an event ; they build a bequest stated by Kearney ( 2005 ) . Chappellet ( 2000 ) said that aim should non be to present a immense Event because giantism can be viewed as a menace. but to present an Event that is more alone and particular leaves a permanent grade in the history of Events. There are many impacts created from an Event. they can be both positive and negative. Preuss ( 2007 ) supports this.

Positive experiences can go forth positive impacts. they can do a individual feel satisfaction towards the Event. positive impacts may go forth a individual experiencing felicity. their attitude may alter towards other Events similar in the industry or even other events in general. A positive impact can be made from event perceptual experiences being met or even crush. Along with the positive experiences and impacts there are besides negative experiences and they can make impacts such as a loss in hope. deficiency of satisfaction towards Events this may be due to a failure to run into outlooks or the outlooks could hold been set to high. as described by Bladen et Al ( 2012 ) . This essay has shown that although Mega Events have many similar features they are besides different in many ways. Mega Events cover a broad scope of Events such as Sporting Events and besides Cultural Events. nevertheless each type of Event besides has many different cardinal elements and impacts involved as no two events can be precisely the same. This essay has chiefly looked at how media can advance an event and do it much bigger than if media was non used. Media can assist an event become planetary and is necessary for most Mega Events.


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