What is Ambition?

1 January 2019

Ambition. Motivation. Aspiration. Passion. Lust. Craving. Zeal. Spirit. Vigor. I can keep defining synonyms for ambition for you, but honestly, it’s not worth it. Words cannot EXPLAIN what ambition is. It cannot make you UNDERSTAND. It cannot INSPIRE. So let me show you what it means.

Ambition is suffering. Despair. It is falling into a hole that has no starting and no ending. A hole so wide it makes up the entire universe and becomes the only reality you know. In this hole, you are drowning. Drowning in self-pity and grief. Drowning because you are sinking because there are rocks tied to your limbs. There is no air. There is no light. There is only darkness. And in this darkness, you have to defeat your greatest enemy…yourself. Yet, you will not win. You never win. The word victory is not even something you can understand. In this hole, you suffer. When you are sinking and drowning in a world full of so much darkness, it is now, at your lowest point, that there will be a crackle, a bang, a roar of a flame coming to life. This ember is your guide. It is your child, that you have to nurse and grow. If you let it die, then so will you. Ambition is suffering and crawling out of that hole with every ounce of strength you can muster with only a little flicker of light to guide you.

What is Ambition? Essay Example

Ambition is a cage. An imprisonment. You are jailed in a world that is so utterly against you. The slightest wrong twitch can be your death. This cage is metal, frozen andinhumane. The steel bars are coated in dried blood, unbent and undamaged.The cage is small, cramped and short. In this cage, you have no room to stand, to breathe. You are given no luxuries because you aren’t considered human, an equal to those that caged you. You are an animal. Not a person. Your life is not worth it. You are a beast, a monster. In this cage, you are screaming, yelling. Your throat is raw and fading. Nobody hears you because nobody cares. In this cage, you are faced with your greatest obstacle…being invisible. Ambition is being shoved into a caged, where you are forced to be to confined and withered away. Nobody will notice you or hear you. You are forgotten. Ambition is screaming your lungs out and bashing yourself against the cage until you break free. It is being stripped away of yourself, but still knowing who you are. Ambition isa sense of dignity when there is none to be had.

Ambition is being tired. Exhausted. It is laying in bed and feeling so sleepy, you can’t actually rest. Your bones are screaming in pain. Your muscles are tight and sore. Your brain is fuzzy and cloudy. Yet, you cannot sleep because going to sleep means that you’ll wake up. Wake up to repeat the same motions. Day in. Day out. Again and again. Living your life in loops. A cycle of endless motion. In this cycle, you do not rest. You do not get to sleep. You get nothing but the burden of exhaustion weighing you down and making you slow. You hate this infinite loop, and yet, you do not know how to stop it. You are doomed to relive the same cycle over and over. Day in. Day out. Again and again. In this loop, you are faced with your greatest weakness…giving up. Ambition is picking up your worn down body and dragging yourself through the same motions, yet, with a sense of vigor as if you aren’t tired. Aren’t about to collapse to the ground. Ambition is pushing yourself to the point where you will want to give up, to bow down in defeat, but you soldier on and break past that. Ambition is continuing even when your own body is willing you, shrieking at you to stop.

Ambition is hatred. A rage. A sense of madness that drives you to a corner, where the hot licks of a fire will be biting at your heels and the sharp points of pitchforks will be stabbing into your flesh. Accusing eyes will follow you. Hurtful words will damage you. Disdainful faces will mock you. You are unworthy. You are disgusting. You are the filth upon the floor. Backs will be turned to you. Helping hands will be gone. Idols will be frauds. And you, will be the center of all anger. Anything and everything will be your fault. You will never be forgiven. In this hatred, you will be faced with your greatest revelation…loving yourself. Ambition is being alone in a world where no one will help you and will only mock you. Ambition is being thrown into a world of anger and chaos, and not lowering yourself to their standards. Ambition is accepting who you are and not letting what the world says about you get to you.

Ambition is dreaming. A reality. It is putting your heart onto a gold mantle and raising it above the sky and into the stars. Where it will float amongst the vast universe. It will not be bound down by people. It will not be tied down with lies. It will not be chained by “reality”.It is dreaming the impossible and laughing into people’s faces. It is spitting onto all that mock you. It is proving everyone wrong. It is seeing the world screaming out against you, but hearing only silence.It is removing your shackles and spreading your wings. In dreaming, you will be faced with your greatest feat….making it a reality. Ambition is dreaming a dream and waking up for it to come true, Ambition is making miracles become reality. Ambition is bursting past the limit of the sky and reaching to the stars.

Ambition is not about them. It is not about her or him. It is not about they. It is about you. Yourself. The only person that makes you who you are. You are an individual. You are unique. You, alone, hold the greatest power in the entire world and that is to shape your destiny. I can throw out a million quotes to you, in hopes, that they inspire, but I won’t. Why should I waste my breathe? I don’t need to say anything when I already know that you are amazing. You are you and nobody else.

Ambition is You.

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