What is Being a Teenager Today

7 July 2016

To be a teenager today has its positives and its negatives, but it’s actually fun. Being a teenager can be stressful and you have to be responsible, but it’s also a fun experience. To those who want to remember what it’s like to be a teenager or those who will be in the future, this is what it’s going to be like. Stress is a part about being a teenager today. Three reasons why teenagers get stressful are because of sucky teachers, siblings, and even parents.

First of all having teachers that don’t know how to explain the work well that they hand out and they expect you to teach yourself and do it by yourself which makes most teenagers stressed. Second, siblings can get in the way when you are trying to study for a big test or just trying to do your homework. Parents are another reason why it’s stressful by being too strict and not allowing you to do anything you want. While being a teenager is stressful, you also have to be responsible for what you do.

Responsibility plays a big part as a teen. Teens today have a lot of responsibilities. Two examples are school and working. School is a huge responsibility on teens as they have to do school work, homework, and making sure they do every assignment to pass all their classes and to graduate. Responsibility is needed in a teens working career, making sure the work assigned by your employer is being done and not slacking off as well as earning money to get what they want or need.

Teens have to be responsible for what they do but it’s also fun. As a teen in our time it can be fun. When you are at a teen’s age, you try to make friends with other teens so you can have people to trust and talk to. There comes the day when teens turn sixteen years old and on that day most teenagers go to the DMV to get their license. Once they get their license they go anywhere they want without asking their parents or friends for a ride.

Parties are a must have with teens because it’s just pure fun having your friends with you, dancing, eating, and just talking. The best thing about being a teenager is that it’s absolutely fun. Teenagers today need to be responsible. If not taking responsibility for yourself, it can lead to stress, which won’t be a good thing in life. If you don’t stress out, a teenage life can be so fun. Being a teenager is a fun thing but it can also be stressful, if you are not responsible for your actions.

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