What Is Classical Music

A classical musician has to spend a to of time practicing in order to learn to play their music. In the present world now we have lot of machines that can reproduce music but this kind music is not assay able as playing the instruments with hand to so many people and musicians. There is history behind how classical music came out. Long time ago, the church was a very powerful institution because they needed music for services. So they used to hire composers, singers and instrumentalists. In a way, this type of music was sacred.

So music was highly valued in the beginning of the civilization. There is an evidence of the importance of music in the beginnings of western civilization. In the Greek and Roman mythology Apollo, the sun god, represented light, truth and rationality also poetry and music. And also Apollo is the master of the lyre, which was the main musical instrument of ancient times. The time lines of classical music development categorized into few historical period . There are Baroque (1600-1750), Classical (1730-1820), Romantic (1815-1910), 20th century(1900-2000) and Contemporary(1975-present).These terms indicate an artistic style, defined y the tools of practice and a particular taste, political and social climate of that time.

An example, baroque music sounds a certain way because of the types of instruments was available in that time. On the baroque period Johann Sebastian Bach composed baroque music. Many musician and researchers called Bach as the father of “gold standard” music. Bach was not only prolific composer, but his compositions become a sort of a “gold standard” for later composers. Even in the present students of compositions look to Bach’s music as a model.Bach was extremely inventive and he was specially great at writing music for multiple instruments or voices and it all mysteriously blends beautifully. Today now we can make music with the help of different types of machines easily.

We don’t have to write down music on the paper. But a classical music writer or composer wrote down every notes, pitches even though everything. Different writer for their personality wrote down their music in different way. Classical music is full of regulation. Its a balance of perfection. All the classical music has its own emotion. It can be funny also it can be serious also mysterious.

And those emotions are the emotion of the writer. So we can say that classical music is expressing someone’s own depict feeling. In the classical period, Mozart, Beethoven and Hayden are considered to be the giant in the classical music. In 1 Goth century the world changed very rapidly. The role of music also changed dramatically. Romanticism shifted away from spirituality and toward the individual and music from this time was all about complexity of human emotion. In the 20th century composers like Debussy, Berg and Stravinsky were trying to do meeting different than what had traditionally been done.

They wrote music that was guided by different ideas. Many 20th century composers turned from traditions and were not looking to make the listeners happy. They want to be challenging and difficult to listen to. Since then classical music blasted into so may styles. Classical music is still in the present world because Of its highly versatile and adoptable. Classical music We have today updated many many times since it was written. It is truly amazing that people all over the world find beauty in classical music.

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