What Is Flexicurity? Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Q: What is Flexicurity? Explore its significance. rules and steps and explicate what the authoritiess of the European Union are seeking to accomplish. Research the grade to which they have been successful for concern and for the work force with particular focal point upon immature workers.

What is Flexicurity?
Flexicurity is one of the societal policies for the EU labor market. It aims to beef up the flexibleness and security for the employee and employer in employment. Wilthagen ( 1998 ) . defines flexicurity as a move from ‘security within a job’ towards ‘security of a job’ Asada ( 2011. p249 ) . Flexicurity aims to increase the assurance between employees and the employers during their employment.

Harmonizing to the European committee. ( 2012 ) the common rules of flexicurity were investigated ; four key constituents have been set out in order to steer the European Union towards the execution of flexicurity. The four constituents are: Flexible and dependable contractual agreements. effectual labour market policies ; comprehensive womb-to-tomb acquisition schemes and modern societal security systems.

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( European Commission. 2012 )

How has Flexicurity been implemented?
Harmonizing to Sarfati. . H 2003. p265-282. the Denmark flexicurity called “the Danish thaumaturgy formula” injected flexicurity into its labour market. while research has suggested that the success of flexicurity. in Denmark was due to a joint attempt between companies and employees. in order to make a more successful labor market. it alternatively became a success through the companies and competition between employees.

In the Denmark labor market. the employer benefits by holding the authorization to disregard employees with merely short notices provided. which creates more flexibleness and adaptability to alterations within the labour market. At the same clip employees continue to experience confident ( instead than experience unstable like the employees in UK ) . this is all due to high compensation strategies and support from the province. in signifier of active labor market policies. through unemployment. Policies such as instruction. child care and the public assistance system to back up employees when returning back to employment. ( Ilsoe 2007 )

Flexicurity improves the trust between the employer and employee as the “security” . helps employees to experience a sense of squad work instead than fear internal competition. This method should assist the “economy” in many states as employees. will work and assist each other by go throughing cognition. that they gain through employment to other employees doing job work outing easier. employee development quicker assisting addition concern. success and assist better the “economy” . Iancu ( 2011 p. 177 ) “Job security can bring on employees to be loyal to the employer. to put in firm-specific human capital. to co-operate. and to go through over silent cognition to other employees because they do non hold to fear internal competition. All this increases internal functional flexibleness. ”

The flexibleness within flexicurity should in many companies create “flexible” work. where the people working inside the organisation can hold a private life. every bit good as win in work life. Examples include employees maintaining up with development and preparation with “flexible” working hours. The environment that employees and employers work in demands to be “flexible” plenty so that altering occupations is made simpler. ( European Commission 2012 )

The 2nd portion to flexicurity is “security” . in flexibleness employees are flexible to go forth work and hold entree to flexible on the job hours ; nevertheless there are besides needs to security within occupations in order to forestall employees from experiencing insecure. which besides supports companies to “adjust their production capacity” without go forthing any employee redundant. Examples of support that employees receive are – preparation and development of their accomplishments and endowments. ( European Commission 2012 )

The “life-long learning” strategies and “modern societal security” aid make faster method of retraining employees ; this will assist place early accomplishments that might necessitate to be developed for new possible occupations in the hereafter. which besides includes those who are unemployed. This method should diminish the sum of people unemployed. which helps the economic system within a state. For illustration Germany farther examples below.

Figure 1

Beginning from: hypertext transfer protocol: //appsso. eurostat. European Union. Europa. eu/nui/setupModifyTableLayout. make
Although flexicurity has many advantages as stated above. Denmark’s Flexicurity system has had its pros and cons since the fiscal crisis in 2008. As shown on Figure 1. the unemployment rate under 25 old ages of age. in Denmark has been increasing ( the bars are bit by bit acquiring higher as old ages addition ) . since the start of the fiscal crisis in 2008. However when we look at figure 2. the un- employability of under 25 old ages of age is non the worst. with less alterations inputted when compared to other states such as Germany.

Figure 2

Beginning from: hypertext transfer protocol: //appsso. eurostat. European Union. Europa. eu/nui/setupModifyTableLayout. make

Figure 3

Beginning from: hypertext transfer protocol: //appsso. eurostat. European Union. Europa. eu/nui/setupModifyTableLayout. make

Figure 3. shows struggle between unemployment benefits and employment protection. Companies seem to happen it hard to keep them both. Denmark concentrating on high employment benefits. but low employment protection can be linked. to the ground behind why Denmark’s unemployment has been acquiring lower. Employees will non desire to work for a company without any sort of employment protection. ( Jorgensen. H. . 2011 ) “Because of high unemployment benefits and comparatively high societal aid benefits. domestic demand – and thereby entire economic activity in society – is stabilised. Without such economic stabilizers. unemployment would hold risen much more” .

Germany. Norway. France and Sweden seem to be near to each other. Germany has been noticed as one of the few states. to defy during the Recession. In Germany. concerns focused on the development of younger kids. Students attend less hours of instruction to do clip for portion clip work related to their field. This will assist pupils derive the experience and accomplishments required in order to be successful in their hereafter occupations.

Those who are employed work fewer hours than those in UK. this is called “flexibility” . Germany wants to keep the civilization of household importance. Part- clip work gives entree to more people in the state to bask work. and earn income ; this improves the economic system of the state. Giving one of the grounds behind why the state has been stable throughout the recession. ( Anderson 2012 )

Germany provides that feel of security. as people from a younger age are offered chances where they do non experience unable. or unconfident to near new occupations. Businesss in Germany follow the regulation of Flexicurity. therefore the system where pupils are instantly placed into internship plans to derive accomplishments and spread out their cognition. will assist them from non merely losing their current occupations. but happening new 1s excessively. ( EU. OECD 2011 )

Spain on the other manus focal points on “contractual segmentation” this is when there is high employment protection but low protection for those who are unemployed. The execution of flexicurity can change from state to state. as the different civilizations. national and regional features require different executions of the “common rules of flexicurity” . Auer. P. ( 2010 ) provinces. “Some of the states that are associated with flexicurity have experienced worse unemployment additions than other non-flexicurity states during the crisis. ” ( p. 382 )

Measures that Germany have taken to use Flexicurity in the labour market:

European Commission ( 2012 ) “Agenda for new accomplishments and jobs” Germany has prepared employees with the right accomplishments for employment. which as stated above. improves the quality of the occupation and helps with working conditions while in employment. Support those in unemployment by assisting them pull coveted hereafter occupations.

European Commission ( 2012 ) “New accomplishments for new jobs” Germany supports people throughout different age groups to actuate and promote people to derive as many accomplishments and go high qualified campaigner that makes it easier to happen occupations. Germany makes certain that the younger coevals from every bit early as 17. receive preparation in their specializer nucleus. Therefore it is indispensable that pupils know what they want to specialize in from start. So that more effectual and fiting accomplishments can be gained that match the occupations they will potentially look for in the close hereafter. [ Available Online ] hypertext transfer protocol: //ec. Europa. eu/social/main. jsp? catId=102 & A ; langId=en

European Commission ( 2012 ) “Youth on the move” as stated above it is of import to get down with the younger coevals. if states want to better the future economic system. Germany is known to be one Europe’s largest exporters ( Anderson 2012 ) . the lone state rich plenty to back up falling into the recession. ( BBC 2012 ) Research and development is one of the of import factors in their purposes. they believe in holding skilled employees who are trained at high criterion at what they do. “BMW is a successful trade name to take over the universe. as one of the most prima industries in the universe. their autos are non merely about cutting border. trade name new engineering. interrupting new land. forcing things further. their autos are about making what’s already known…and making it highly good. ” Matt Nesto ( 2012 ) [ Available online ] hypertext transfer protocol: //finance. yokel. com/blogs/breakout/bmw-greatest-car-ever-made-says-top-gear-140906756. hypertext markup language

European Commission ( 2012 ) [ Available Online ] hypertext transfer protocol: //ec. Europa. eu/social/main. jsp? catId=102 & A ; langId=en “Anticipating. preparing and pull offing company restructuring” when companies expand they will finally necessitate to reconstitute the construction within the administration. This includes. happening new employees and allowing spell of old employees. Through the recession many companies had to get down from the beginning. measuring what needed to be improved in order to better what the company was offering to keep the loyal clients. However most companies such as Banks in UK had to cut costs in order to forestall from bankruptcy. in Germany borrowing money is known as black. many Germans do non happen borrowing money necessary. which is one of the grounds why Germany did non hit recession every bit severely as the UK did. ( Anderson 2012 ) .

European Commission ( 2012 ) [ Available Online ] hypertext transfer protocol: //ec. Europa. eu/social/main. jsp? catId=102 & A ; langId=en “Supporting working parents” “Juggling work. household and private life is a immense challenge for 1000000s of Europeans. male and female and holding kids excessively frequently costs adult females their income and their occupation chances. ( Vladimir Spidla. Commissioner for Employment. Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities ) .

Recent survey suggests that merely 62 % of adult females with kids are at work compared to 91 % of work forces. Therefore it is of import that even after adult females have kids. the pregnancy provides support so that they can travel back to work without spreads in their assurance and accomplishments. Most on the job Dendranthema grandifloruoms. who do go forth in pregnancy. garbage to travel back to work because due to a lessening in their self-pride. The commissioners believe that by increasing their pregnancy leave to 18 hebdomads will enable them to non merely rest but determine back to fitness mentally and physically. Maternity will besides be paid normal salary and should non be paid as ill leave. ( European committee “Balancing act: bettering our work/life equilibrium” 2008 P. 2 )

Criticisms of flexicurity:
Harmonizing to Iancu. A ( 2011 ) . flexicurity has been implemented and changed since the economic system crisis in 2008. it has besides shown “high addition in unemployment. a comparative de-cline in employment. alterations in GDP. and a turning public deficit” . ( p. 176-181 )

Bredgaard and Larsen ( 2007 ) “The monetary value for a extremely efficient and nomadic labor market with an extended safety cyberspace might be that a big portion of the potentially active population of working age is bit by bit excluded from the labor market and go public assistance receivers. ” ( p. 14 )

During the recession in Denmark. a high addition in occupation alterations occurred. Persons were re-tested for their cognition and accomplishments. in the country of work they specialised in. This can be a short term effectual motivational method of keeping employees focused nevertheless. many employees neglecting to accomplish the needed outlooks can be left without any occupations. Denmark has failed to back up the unemployed. and many are left without occupations for a long period of clip.

Flexicurity prevents those who are employed above 25 old ages old. from falling into being unemployed. feeling insecure etc. The addition in unemployment might include immigrants from third-world states who are under skilled. There seems to be a spread between. ( unemployed and skilled and the type of occupation you have ) ( with those unemployed and under skilled ) . Is at that place anything that can be done with under-skilled immigrants. apart from kicking them out of the state? There should be classs sponsored by administrations. skilled developed. so that even though they might non be able to happen a occupation in “Denmark” . they can travel back to their state if safe and procure a occupation at that place. ( Bredgaard and Larsen 2007 ) .

In decision there are positive and negative facts/ sentiments stated in the above essay. One might state that they are every bit wide as the policy itself. One might besides state that Flexicurity has been developed in order to forestall economic and societal jobs from originating. nevertheless it should besides be focused to assist administrations understand the deeper demands of workers. The scheme if continued to be implemented and adapted to accommodate single demands will be a success. Flexicurity and globalization can assist convey states together. increase the public assistance of poorer states. If Germany has succeeded in keeping companies strong through the recession. so different states can utilize similar methods to convey states together. and finally work as one squad.

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