What is hidden in the background of Taksim Gezi Park Cases?

6 June 2017

Turkey has faced with unexpected protests yesterday at Taksim Gezi Parkl in Istanbul. Ostensibly, purpose of the protests is to prevent tree cutting, but really, to provide a concern that is going to put Turkey out of action in the international arena. It is obvious that intention of the protestors is not taking care of a few trees. People can understand this idea by checking attitude of the protestors towards Turkish police. 10. 00 trees had been cut last year in Bolu in Turkey. Where were the protestors when 10. 000 trees were cut? Based on the example, people can realize the palaver of tree cutting. I strongly believe that Taksim Gezi Parkl protests are not Just to prevent tree cutting. Behind the case, there are some significant substances hidden such as growth of Turkey, impact of external powers, Syria Issue and expulsion of Turkey from Syria Issue. It’s apparent that the impact of the hidden substances has a big role.

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What is hidden in the background of Taksim Gezi Park Cases?
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Firstly, Turkey is getting stronger and developed day by day. The growth of Turkey in terms of economy, military,political power, etc. made other countries interested. The countries which are capable of understanding he development of Turkey do not want Turkey to continue in this way so the case; Taksim Gezi Parkl protests might be related to other states which want to prevent growth of Turkey. Secondly, It’s possible to see Impact of external powers In this process.

Lately, Turkey has gained the sympathy of the Middle-East so Turkey has a say In the Middle-East. Furthermore, Turkey pays attention to the relation between Turkey and Its neighborhood because of this, Turkey was concerned with Syria since the Syria issue started. The external powers that don’t want Turkey to have a say In he Issue of Syria supposed to push-off Turkey from the Issue of Syria. In the past, the external powers were taking Turkey away from the International arena by using terrorist organizations such as PKK, DHKP-C,etc.

They were also causing confusion between rightist and leftist but there Is no PKK which was the most effective In terms of terrorism In Turkey and the clash between rightist and leftist anymore so there Is nothing left to create a chaos atmosphere In Turkey. Based on this, the external powers were supposed to create a new formation for Turkey to prevent polltlcal ower of Turkey. I believe that Takslm Gen Parkl Case might be product of external powers to keep Turkey under their control because there Is no agency or Institute to be used for creating chaos In Turkey.

Lastly, the case might be aimed at overthrowing the government. Some news channels call the case as Turkish Spring. However, I’m sure that It’s Impossible to overthrow the government. The government Is supported by 60% of Turkish citizens. What’s more, the government made big changes In Turkish Army. Above all, the protestors cannot afford to take a risk of being died. During the Arab Spring process, the publics were Muslims who think that to be died In this way will make them martyr and they were against dictatorship.

In Turkey the position of the protestors Is different from the protestors In the Arab Spring and also Turkish Government Is totally different from the other countries In the Arab Spring. Arab Spring, it is improbable to think that the Turkish Government is going to be overthrown. To sum up, I tried to demonstrate people that the hidden facts behind the Taksim Gezi Meydam Parkl Case. As IVe Just mentioned before, there are some ignificant substances behind the protests such as growth of Turkey, impact of external powers, Syria Issue and expulsion of Turkey from Syria Issue.

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