What is Medical Technology?

7 July 2016

Branch of laboratory medicine which deals with the diagnostic or therapeutic applications of science and technology. Also known as Clinical Laboratory Science A dynamic healthcare profession that deals with the study and practice of diagnostic laboratory medicine. Ruth Heinemann (1963) The application of principles of natural, physical, and biological sciences to the performance of laboratory procedures which aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Anna Fagelson (1961) The branch of medicine concerned with the performance of laboratory determinations and analyses used in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and the maintenance of health. Walters The health profession concerned with performing laboratory analyses in view of obtaining information necessary in the diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as in the maintenance of good health. Republic Act No. 5527

What is Medical Technology? Essay Example

An auxiliary branch of laboratory medicine which deals with the examination by various chemical, microscopic, bacteriologic and other medical laboratory procedures or technique which will aid the physician in the diagnosis, study, and treatment of disease and in the promotion of health in general. Medical Technologist Republic Act No. 5527 A person who engages in the work of medical technology under the supervision of a pathologist or licensed physician authorized by the Department of Health in places where there is no pathologist and who having passed the

prescribed course (Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Bachelor of Science in Public Health) of training and examination is registered under the provision of this Act. Nature of Work Medical Technologists perform complex chemical, biological, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological analyses, including: Microscopically examine blood and other body fluids. Make cultures of body fluid and tissue samples to determine the presence of bacteria, fungi, parasites, or other microorganisms.

Analyze samples for chemical content or a chemical reaction and determine concentrations of compounds such as blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Type and cross match blood samples for transfusions. Evaluate test results, develop and modify procedures, and establish and monitor programs to ensure the accuracy of tests. In what way will it be of help and importance to our society? To improve the management of health conditions using various means of identifying the causes and nature of diseases.

To aid other health professionals in decision-making as well as in therapeutic directions; Ultimately to deliver an excellent patient care and improve the quality of life. Field of Specialty Hematology Clinical Chemistry Clinical Microscopy (Parasitology) Microbiology (Bacteriology, Mycology) Blood Bank & Transfusion Practices Immunology & Serology Histopathology & Anatomic Pathology Job Opportunities Analytical Chemist Cytotechnologist Microbiologist Bacteriologist Parasitologist Hemotherapist

Clinical Chemistry Technologist Toxicologist Blood Bank Technologist Histologist Food and Drug Inspector Public Health Specialist Quality Control Specialist Medical Equipment Sales Rep. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. Medical Librarian Research Assistant Crime Lab Analyst Medical Laboratory Manager Places of Work Private and Non-Profit Organizations Hospitals Laboratories Biotechnology firms Blood banks Clinics Medical equipment manufacturers Colleges and universities Physician’s offices

Diagnostic testing companies Pharmaceutical companies Health maintenance organizations Research institutes Laboratory Classification Ownership Government Private Function Clinical Pathology Anatomical Pathology Institutional Character Institution based Free standing Service Capability General Primary Secondary Tertiary Limited Special Hospitals UP Philippine General Hospital UST Hospital St. Luke’s Medical Center National University Hospital, SG Winnie Palmer Hospital, Florida

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