What Is Popular Music?

3 March 2018

The biggest group of the British Invasion was the Beetles. The Beetles sometimes sang songs with catchy lyrics and melodies.

This would be the centerpiece of pop music through the next several decades. 5. Bands featured between three and six young males who sang, but did not play instruments. 1. Yes music is still used for protest things such as gay rights and abortions. 2. Music has become more commercial because artist can become millionaires with just one song.

Some artist do songs to express their ideas and beliefs. 3. Amp’s and pods have artist selling songs even faster. Automate lets anyone sound like they have talent. TV lets artist advertise 24/7. 4. Young adults look forward to love and romance and pop adheres to it.

Nearly every song it about love and heartbreak. 5. Bruno Mars most of his songs shush as “Grenade” “When I Was Your Man” are about love like most generic pop songs.

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What Is Popular Music?
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Girls love his pretty face.

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