What Is Popularity?

1 January 2017

“What is popularity? How important is it to you? Should friendship be based on popularity? ” George W. Bush once said, “One of my proudest moments is that I didn’t sell my soul for the sake of popularity. ” I think he meant that you should not try to make yourself popular through doing things that you usually wouldn’t. popularity to me means having more people like you then dislike you, but either way, most people know who you are. I believe popularity is a misconstrued concept used by elites to exclude and discriminate against those of lesser status or those who are different from them.

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Popularity is not very important to me. I care how people view me and if they respect me and see me in society, but I do not care if my peers dislike me. As long as people respect me as an individual I will be satisfied. I care about my reputation and how people portray me, but if they don’t like me I wouldn’t try to force them to. Friendship should not be based on popularity because then it is more about status than actually liking the person. Friendships will last longer and be more meaningful if they aren’t based on popularity.

Also, you can get a lot more out of the relationship if you really are indeed friends. Also, I think it is much healthier for your social life to be in a honest friendship where you are friends because you like each other or have common interests or hobbies. Furthermore, later in your life you will look back and you’ll be able to tell who were your true friends and who pretended to like you because of your status. Plus, when not based on true friendship people may be just trying to use you for their own personal gain or may just be taking advantage of you.

When you have true friends you will continue to keep up with them throughout the remainder of your life and have a long sustained relationship. In conclusion, I think that popularity is having many people who are around you like you, and know about you and who you are, whether you are friends with them or not. I believe that popularity is not important and that you should not make it your priority to become popular at too much of an extent. And lastly, I do not feel that friendship should be based on popularity, because when it is then it is not really friendship, it is just two people pretending to like each other.

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