What Is the Important Characteristics of a Co-Worker

1 January 2017

I always want to have a co-worker who has a sense of humor, and is conscientious. For me, who posses those two characteristics will be a perfect co-worker. A co-worker who has a sense of humor will help to bring you a good working environment. Working is nowadays more and more stressful to people, especially when the economy is going down, companies are going to fire a large number of employees, each worker has to try his/her best daily to keep his/her job. If you have a worker who is humorous, his/her jokes can be your best medicine to relax at work. And if you can relax, you can increase your productivity, work better.

For me, a humorous co-worker is valuable. Conscientiousness is another essential characteristic that I wish my co-worker possesses. Being conscientious means working hard, taking high responsibility for the job, considering finishing successfully the task the most important thing. If he/she is assigned any task, he/she will try his/her best to get the task done without relying on others, or waiting until the dateline come then rushing for finishing it. He/she surely is a good teammate. If you have a co-worker who is conscientious, you will feel absolutely comfortable to work with.

What Is the Important Characteristics of a Co-Worker Essay Example

You will not have to cover for him/her because he/she cannot finish his/her job in time or simply cannot get it done. In order to get the whole job done, the conscientious colleague can also help you whenever you encounter a problem at work, and solve the problem together with you to get the task done. How wonderful it is when you have a person that you can trust and does not bother you at work? If my co-workers are all conscientious and humorous, my working environment will be just perfect. I think being humorous and conscientious are very essential to become a good co-worker.

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