What Leads to Success

3 March 2017

This is really a 2 hour presentation which i have cut down to 5 minutes. it all started when I was in school 7 years ago and were desperate to know what success is and how can i be a successful and accomplished person. I wanted to make something of my life. So i asked myself a simple little question “what leads to success? ” and I had no answer to that question. So I thought to dig deep and do some research to see what characteristics these successful people have and what they thought of success.

I interviewed some, red autobiographies, had some research on internet and then after 7 years 500 interviews later, im gonna tell you what really leads to success. And the first thing is: 1- Passion: Passion is what gives us our fire; passion is what makes life worth living. I do what i’m doing for love not for money, And the interesting thing is if you do it for love, money comes in anyway. 2- Work: This simply means if you like what you do, success will come in naturally. 3- Good:

There is no magic its practice, practice and practice. 4- Focus: 5- Push: You gotta push yourself through Shyness and self doubts. Goldie Hawn says “I always had self doubts. I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t smart enough. I didn’t think i would make it. ” Now its not always easy to push yourself thats why they invented mothers. 6- Serve

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