What Led to the American Revolution?

1 January 2018

The second reason was that the British killed five men that were unarmed. The last reason was that the British soldiers fired was because the colonist were protesting and at the same time they Were throwing stuff at them. The second cause is the amount of taxes the colonists had to pay.

One of the taxes the colonist disagreed with was the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was tax on all print material, such as playing cards, newspapers, and all material with any type of print.Another tax was the Tea Act this act in were Britain wanted to sell tea without paying taxes. This caused the colonists to boycott tea and then The Boston Tea Party happened. Lastly was the Townsend Act, this was basically tax on imported goods. Britain needed revenue and tried to find something that wouldn’t upset the colonist, but this caused boycott and protest. The last cause would be The Continental Congress.

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This happened because the colonist realized they needed to act together.Then a group of important men represented American interests and challenged British control. Then militias organized a vote to boycott British goods, that’s when Britain realized they were serious. For these reasons these were the things that started The American Revolution. Not everybody may think that these were the reasons why The American Revolution, but The Boston Massacre, the taxes, and The Continental Congress were the main reasons why the American Revolution started.

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