What Lies Behind the Battle of Jericho

4 April 2015
Historical evidence is presented showing that the Battle of Jericho is not just a biblical myth.

This paper investigates the battle of Jericho to see what scientific evidence relates to the battle, how the battle affected the lives of the Israelites, the historical setting, and the theological and spiritual meaning of the battle both then and now. Evidence from recent years shows that Joshua and his army could have conquered this city just as it is told in the Bible.
From the paper:

“The battle of Jericho, as told in Joshua 5:13 – 6:27, is a story that has captured the interest of biblical scholars, scientists, and even Sunday school classrooms with its mystery and intrigue. It is the story of how the weak were able to overtake the strong through a supernatural force, Yahweh, the Lord of Israel. There are many facets of this story that can be explored. We will look at the scientific evidence of the story’s truth, as well as biblical and moral concepts that can be derived from it. We will also discuss the time period the Israelites were living in during the battle, and how the passage relates to events occurring at that time in the Bible.”

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