What Makes a Successful Student

6 June 2017

What Makes a Successful Student? Many students ask themselves what it takes to be successful in college. Most of them believe that a successful student should have good grades and attend classes, but there is something more to success than that. First and foremost, successful students visualize their role in college as future accomplished academics. As a result of their power – hungry controlling attitude, they tend to perfectly sort things out, but, most importantly, they always stick to their priorities.

For example, they list everything they need to do as a good way to remind them of the most important tasks assigned for the day. Furthermore, they manage to think positively and avoid stressful situations as much as possible. For instance, when they fail a certain exam, they never cling to the failure but, re-examine the problem and actively look for a logical solution with high and stable concentration. Secondly, successful students are extremely motivated to fulfill their ambitions.

What Makes a Successful Student Essay Example

That is, they are full of zeal and are willing to take advantage of new opportunities when they seem in sight. For instance, they would gladly accept the offer of exchanging contacts with many foreign students if they were given the opportunity to find out other students ‘ way of managing with success at college. Also, unlike the rest of the average students, the successful ones often take optional assignments because they find them as a useful method in the process of obtaining greater knowledge.

Moreover, they act as role models for most of the students and encourage them to step forward and follow their dreams. Lastly, they are capable of developing their time management skills. That is, they take part in many non-profit organizations for the benefit of improving their communication and social skills. For example, many students are happy to run students ‘ newspapers, which enable them to elaborate their creative youth ideas, as well as improve the conditions for all the students at their university.

Notwithstanding their extracurricular activities, they are punctual and never fail to give their homework on time. Above all, they are extremely satisfied with their lively social life, and are very grateful for their friends ‘ ability to understand and respect their ambitions. All in all, successful students know how to balance between their priorities and social life and at the same time have fun at what they do and enjoy the boons of life. What Makes a Successful Student By marta93

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