What Separates Me From You

10 October 2019

Everybody has that one band that makes them happy to be alive, even when life isn’t going so well; for me A Day to Remember is that band. From post-hardcore with a strong bass line and a heavy screaming voice to an alternative sound with a soft voice and light guitar riffs, A Day to Remember is phenomenal at what they do. One of their most inspiring albums and my personal favorite, “What Separates Me From You,” has strong lyrics, killer bass, and terrific guitar riffs. Some of the main reasons this band has accomplished so much is because their style varies with each album but stays true to who they are. They create very meaningful lyrics and different tempos for all of their songs.
“What Separates Me From You” has a unique feel compared to their previous album, “Homesick.” One factor that affected the feel of their music is that they lost their lead guitarist, Tom Denney, because he broke his wrist before their tour, so they asked Kevin Skaff to fill in. Later they announced that Denney had left the band, and Skaff took his place as lead guitarist. The sound on this album is more angry and upbeat than previously. It depicts that the world around them is changing for the worse and that they want everything to stay the same. The album has a very angry feel because of the heavy bass and the lighter but harsher feeling guitar.
Although I love all of the songs, my personal favorite is “All I Want” because of the continuous upbeat guitar and bass, and the rich meaning behind the lyrics. This song explains that they want to let everyone know that if they set their minds to something, they can accomplish it. He repeatedly tells listeners to “keep your hopes up high and your head down low.” He explains that you have nothing to prove to anyone, and the future holds many things in store so look forward to it.
My second most treasured song is “All Signs Point to Lauderdale,” because of the slow but aggressive, upbeat guitar and loud, pounding bass. This song is for all the kids who don’t want to conform to the social standards. For those who have nobody who understands them for who they are. For those who are going through bad times and may want to end it all and never think twice. Most of the songs have similar meanings but say something a little different.
The album opens with “Sticks and Bricks,” which, though it incorporates the furious feelings that flow throughout the album, I think is too heavy to start with. A more appropriate choice would be “Better Off This Way,” because it’s saying: I don’t need you in my life to be happy; I can do this without you. The last song, “If I Leave,” is a perfect way to end, because it leaves listeners with thoughts of self-sufficiency and strength. It seems to say: “How do you feel now that I’m gone? I bet you wish you’d never left me. I’ve been sitting in the shadows long enough, It’s time to show everybody who I really am.”
Overall I really like this album and think it is relatable for most. Its message is that someone important left and he is fighting to be okay again. The lyrics contain statements like “Our love is not that strong” and “I wonder if you’ll notice if they lock me up and throw away the key.” Even though “What Separates Me From You” has some pretty heavy songs, it has a great overall message and feel to it.

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