What type of music is most appealing

3 March 2018

In 1995, the British band Oasis came out with their second and by far most popular album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?. This was one of the major building blocks in the musical wonderland of alternative rock. Alternative rock is a midge podgy category of music that has the rhythm and accentuated backseat of classic rock and roll but is more defined by its unconformity. This genre of music appeals to me because of its unconventional style and variety and significantly reduced desire to conform.One of the major facets of alternative rock that makes it so appealing is the unique style and variety. It is not unusual for one artist to produce many hit albums each with a slightly different sound.

Beginning in 1983 and still touring today, the Red Hot Chili peppers are a prime example Of this diversity within alternative rock. Their first album, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, had a complex melodies with a strong baseline and simpler song structure. These songs, including Get up and Jump, had a strong funk influences while still falling under the category of alternative rock.Compare this to their 9th studio album Stadium Arcadian, released in 2006. Keeping in character of the band’s originality and out of the box style, this album was the most mellow of them all and had prominent psychedelic influences from the late ass. Due to so much unconformity many alternative rock bands don’t have the large fan base that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have and are not as widely know. Its very common for many of these bands to have “one hit wonders”.

What type of music is most appealing Essay Example

Alternative rock is so appealing because the intent of the music isn’t to be popular; it is a true expression of the artist or band as a collective group.Panic! At the Disco is a more recent band of the sass. Formed in 2004, they are mainly remembered for their two singles I Write Sins Not Tragedies and Nine in the Afternoon; both of which subsequently preceded their first two albums. Alternative rock really separates the boys from the men in the sense of commitment to their love of music;

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