What Will the World Be it There are No Nationalities? Describe our world now, how does It look? Wars because of misunderstanding, conflicts about differences of nation or citizenship, arguments between countries about territories. Each country shows Its own vision of history as the right one. Nuclear weapons have become a way to bully others and the victims of all of this are Innocent people. That Is how our world looks now. But what can be a solution for that? People are living in the time of global communication, try to reach one another ND this is the influence of globalization.

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This process leads us to our future. All paths of humanity lead to a global Identity, because as the time passes people start to realize more clearly that desire of power and independent states divided them: not nations, culture, language or religion. People stop treating one noun higher than the others and make attempts to Join humanity, without making everyone the same. People were connected when there were no nationalities, no disparity. All were one and not divided Into different groups, as it Is nowadays. However what was the season which separated people in this way?

It is mentioned in “A global sense of place” that “money Is moving the world”, so also In the past money and goods affected people’s influence and power. The more power one gets, the more he wants. This is an axiom of people’s nature, and most people do not want to stop and give up what they have already gained. No one wants to give up the power they have and will always fight for it; it was this way in the past and is still now. As a result of that, the gap between society classes has grown faster and faster. The outcome of this process s that the most powerful people started founding states.

These states can be considered as the start of current countries, which destroyed the global identity that we had. The desire of power divided people. Most ethnic groups started their history at the same time when their

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states were founded. This is the starting point where humanity started to divide into particular groups. If It Is wrong, then why were there no nations as Russians, Americans, Azerbaijan, Germans and so on before? All these groups were formed by the influence of the place they lived I. E. Entry they lived in.

Look at the example of the khans In Azerbaijan]an_ All of them were Gazer, spoke one language, practiced one religion and nevertheless wanted to separate and be Independent rulers of these small senates. Not religion, color of skin, culture or etc. Deemed people, but the desire for power, Another criterion that is sometimes considered as a point that divided people is religion, but it is not. Even among people with one religion or beliefs were many people who were fighting with each other for territory, power and influence. It is so nowadays. For example Azerbaijan and Arabs are both practicing Islam, but they are not one nation.

Take the example of Catholic and Protestant churches. At first in England people were Catholics, but Henry VIII separated the church, because he did not want the Pope of Rome to influence his decisions. He founded the Protestant church. At which king was also the head. Even religion can be divided by the desire for power. Furthermore, each nation has its tofu until some groups of people start to think that the difference between them and others is not good. When different views clash they may create conflicts and misunderstanding. All people are equal and nationality plays no role.

You may be from England or Nigeria but it does not make any sense as to who you are; nationality does not influence your identity. It may influence your culture or way of living but it does not reflect on you as a person. In history there are many examples of how people valued their culture, country and views higher than the others. Hitler may be one of the best examples: his hatred of Jewish people and idea of only one worthy Aryan nation was the reason of millions of people dying. Such vision of ethnic group differences causes misunderstanding and, in the worst cases, wars, which do not give people chance for existence of global identity.

Moreover, each culture has its history and traditions. The other cultures will not take some of its “rites” for wrong, thinking that what they do is right and what others are doing is wrong. Differences can not be judged in the bad way, if someone does not have the same points of view as the other person, it does not mean that something is wrong with that or it must be fixed. Every nation has some special criteria that characterize it in this or that way. It is impossible for all the nations to behave in all aspects the same.

For example if women in Iran wear hajji all the time, but women in Italy wear Just ordinary clothes it must not be understood that one of this two variants is good and the other is improper. Living in a way according to the traditions of your culture, differs your way of life, but not you as a person from others. In addition, languages must be valued as a treasure, which our ancestors presented to us and no one is going to say this one is ore valuable and the other is not. All of the nations have their mother language, but to communicate between one another people must have one common language.

Nowadays English has become such language. If in global society people communicate in English it does not mean that other languages are already dead and unused. People speak in their countries by using their own languages, but while interacting with foreigners they mostly use English. Presently learning the English language is one of the main parts in everyone’s education. The importance of one moon language for the global communication is one of the features of globalization and leads to global identity. There is still much to do to make people feel that they are unique, but society is working on it.

The result of this work is that economic and political relations open the “boarders” for people all around the globe. People are tightly connected to each other, and each conflict among them will cause difficulties for all. Now humanity can look back at the picture of what happened thousands of years before; people facing the danger and difficulties Joined into roofs to make their lives better and safe. This is happening today, but in another way. The connection between nations is getting tighter day by day; more developed countries help the weak ones to improve their economy, education and health care system.

Weak countries will accept this help; not understand it in a way that other countries want to influence them, and propagandist their way of life, as it is today in many Muslim or African countries. After seeing all pros and cons of living separated from others, people started to understand that it is not always good. If people live unconnected it would be easier for all and further this connection will form global others’ points of view, religion and culture will make relationships smoother.

This is called globalization; by this word is understood connection of all people as one. Like Bono sings in 1. 12 song “we are one, but we are not the same”. This is describing global identity in the best way, imagine what is going to be when there are no nations it does not mean that there will be only one religion, one government or one language. All of it can live in symbiosis, so they can exist and not be destroyed. This is owe global identity will be, living connected and being not the same.

Finally all of this will happen with time as the level of consciousness of society will get higher and people with nations come to the fact that there is mainly no difference between us. Because religion, ethnicity, culture, language do not differ people, they destroyed its global identity themselves by their desire for power. However now they see what they have done and try to correct mistakes of the past. We can only guess whether in a century or two your nationality will not make sense, but one day humanity will surely mom to that fact – we are one and nothing can change this.

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