What Words Mean to Me

12 December 2018

Someone asked me once what the best thing invented in the whole world was. By their surprise I told them words. Of course they hadn’t understood what I meant because they didn’t understand the passion in words like I did. Perhaps they hadn’t felt what I felt about words. At the time I felt as if no one did. Then again I had to consider we did have millions of writers in the world that had the same passion I did for writing and felt the joyous warmth that words could bring. In fact it was those very writers that gave me my passion from their clever system of conducting fervent poems, short stories and novels. Words to me were like music without lyrics; that kind of music could reach millions whether they spoke the same language or not. I appreciate words far beyond how much I think I should.

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Every syllable, every sound, is so clear and so rich, spawning, without much effort, a vivid image in my mind. Words always find a way to captivate me, whether I truly understand them or not. It is a gift to be able to direct words in a stream of sentences, lyrics, similes, metaphors, and haikus. I have gambled once or twice at trying these, some were good when others had not been. Practice makes perfect though, another pair of words I find true. I truly think words are more valuable then people take them for. I also believe that I have a handle on conducting words myself; I’ve even won every writing contest I had entered. I don’t mean to say it boastfully but I say it because winning them left me unsatisfied. I never got a chance to make everyone aware of the meaning behind my poems or stories. All they knew was that it was good, but they never took the time to ask what it meant to me or what I thought it should mean to them. It leaves me with wondering if that’s how all writers feel or maybe it’s just me. All I know is that life can be reflected on paper, whether by painting or literature. Life wouldn’t be life without expressions through words. That’s why I find them so precious, I love words because they make life beautiful. If everyone took at try at using them, placing them down on paper, they’d feel the lively hood of expression and what it has to offer you. That’s what words mean to me. I hope you truly understand.

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