What work means to me

8 August 2016

Work is the process of initiating an action or the process of creating an effect or outcome, Work is also an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. But this is not how the world defines work most people see work as doing something in a more strenuous way, pain, suffering and slavery to a task, this artificial definition is how most people define work .

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The reason why people prefer this arterial definition is because the word work links them to past experiences that make one feel drained by even hearing the word I think after discovering what work is and why it exist you’d find that Work should mean fun or action, work should be a hobby, you work to get to the car everyday by moving your legs, you work to hang out with your friends by walking or driving to their house, work means doing.

But work in the context of doing a job should mean doing something in a meaningful way, work should be something individualized something you should be proud of something unique that’s only yours work is an experience that can only be defined by you life is work and work is you. Dennis Bakke the author of joy at work says, He believes that work should be fun and a source of deep satisfaction in a person’s life, Dennis also goes on to explain why work isn’t fun, Dennis says Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, jobs have been no fun. , no joy, and they have been inconsistent with the way God made the world.

Essentially people are controlled. It hasn’t changed much in the last 250 years. People are told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. There is no freedom. We talk about freedom being a very important thing for our life. We were made to be free, to be able to make decisions and take action that actually affects the outcome of the organization. And it’s just not true in workplaces. Over 70 percent of people say they don’t like their job or it’s miserable. When you talk about games or play, everybody loves it, they say that was fun. You talk about jobs and they’re not very much fun.

What’s the most fun thing about basketball? Shoot the ball. When? Right at the end of the game, when it makes a difference for the basketball player there’s nothing more fun than that when you have a difference to make for the outcome of the team. It’s not about winning. It’s about having that opportunity. I think what Dennis is trying to say is work should be joy and fun but if there’s no opportunity for you to change or effect your work then what’s the point of doing it work should feel free and if it doesn’t then you should find something more meaningful to you.

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