To answer the question of what I would do about my education if I were to receive 100 million dollars is fairly easy to answer, in theory. I would still pursue my education. One change for me would be the chance to attend whatever college I wanted to. For me my education is not solely for the purpose of getting a “better Job” it is in fact to better myself. I want to gain knowledge for the sake of knowledge. I do not want to gain knowledge for Just one objective, like a better job, or to understand a certain aspect of life.

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No I want to gain as much general knowledge as I can possibly gain. The reason is to prepare myself for the crazy roller coaster ride we call life. Now sometimes I seem to fight myself on getting there but here am in college now the first In my family to do so. I have faced many struggles to get to this point and I am sure I owe that partly to the strong and sometimes stubborn character my bloodline Is so notorious for. So when I was unable to attend college after high school because of financial reasons it really hurt me.

To see my friends going off to college embarking on this exciting and uncharted journey we call life, while I was stuck at home working a dead end Job, which had no real world applications in accordance to my goal of advancing my education and financial stability. It is an unfortunate reality that the world we live in Just does not seem to eager to lend a helping hand, or give a chance to the financially impaired population, which unfortunately I am apart of.

Because of my finances I was forced to wait until I was able to apply as an independent student. By the time I was able to attend college It had already been 6 years since I had last set out In school, which left me at a disadvantage when the reality of attending college finally set In. My wholelife has been one financial struggle after the next. Whether it is because of a lost Job or a life changing accident, we all struggle with life from time to time.

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It really seemed like I was constantly getting the short end of the stick in life. All of myemployment opportunities left me with empty promises and empty wallets, from having my Christmas bonus and multiple paychecks bounce while on my first vacation was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced, I try to always be the est you can be, as they say, but to dedicate yourself to a cause, yet receive little to no thanks, respect, or compensation equal to your efforts makes it hard to want to be there.

So to no longer have to worry about working for a company that Is basing my worth on how much money I make them, while stealing every shred of and all the benefits I could even hope to receive, on top of it all they cut my hours so I could reflects the knowledge I have gained in seeing the common deficiencies in all the worlds’ retailers. So to me this money would be a god given miracle, a life changing opportunity. I have often spent way too much money, spending it on that dream of winning the lottery or some other pipe dream, or get rich quick scheme, when in all reality I should not have spent the money at all.

With obvious failure in that endeavor I would take the purposed opportunity to create a business that could support and make my family proud, and secure for generations to come. As I stated before my life has been full of challenges and speed bumps that have really held me back from achieving my own goals and forging my way into the world. Friends and family have let me down by not fulfilling on agreed upon loans, stealing from me, and Just plain using me.

I would use this money to escape the torment I feel knowing the world only weighs your self worth with your capital gains or credit scores. Both of which I happen to score very low. With that being said the money would take some of the daily stresses I feel away. Stop the pain when I find my self asking far too often, “where is my next meal going to come from? “, “how am I going to afford my rent? ” and so on and so forth. Having that kind of financial freedom would be so liberating, I can almost feel it, like a rush of pure ecstasy pulsing its way through my body.

Being able to be completely self sufficient and to never have to ask for money again. I want to be the one who would do anything for the people I love without hesitation, and I guess I am that man now but like I said before unfortunately if you have no wealth you cannot truly help your loved ones from the harsh reality we live in. I would buy so many things that I couldn’t afford now like health insurance, car insurance and aye even pay off some of those pesky court fines I have racked up over the years.

But I don’t think that I would be one to flaunt my money you know to rub it in people’s faces, 0k maybe a few faces would get rubbed, not undeserving mind you. I think I would be much more satisfied by living with the people I love and providing them with whatever kind of life they desired. When I became a father, I would want to know that no matter what I could always ensure my children and spouse a secure, stable, and exciting life. That would let them experience some of the things I would have, itch the knowledge I have today, and the means the money would allow.

It is kind of a weird thing for me, I definitely struggled to try and put this into words, so many nights I have wished and hoped and even prayed to have some sort of financial miracle to somehow come to fruition. To save me from my soul’s sullen situation forced on by a simple inability to obtain these small insignificant green pieces of paper of all things, a bizarre concept if looked at logically. Then trying to write it down and put it into words I really do it no Justice.

I have read countless books as a young man and yet struggle to put my vivid stories produced in my mind into words on paper that flow into a cohesive work. Possibilities are endless and my imagination Just strong enough to really take the experience and create something more, than what I am sure many of the world would have put into this paper if asked. Like perhaps to buy a house for there family and to buy fancy cars or travel. I would hope that with the right motivation and the right amount courage that I could take that money so much further.

To help those who have lost their homes, victims of accidents, and the families who have lost someone in the war in Iraq. To me these are the people who deserve our help and who would definitely get mine if I were able. I would hope that if the time ever came that I did receive a large sum of money that I really could accomplish something great and not let the money take hold of me like I have seen it do to so many people before me. Well I guess the only way to really find out is to hand over that money and let us do an experiment!

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