Whats a hero

What would you consider a hero? Spider-man? Superman? Batman? Well to me that is nothing at all what a super hero is. Not many people would look at an old lady and think she is a hero or see a normal soldier in his casual clothes and think he is one either. A hero defined in the dictionary is, “a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal”. A hero to me is somebody that I respect an I look up to, to do the right thing and is a good role model to not only me, but others as well. A lot of people consider a soldier a hero and I would strongly agree with them.

Both of my older cousins serve in the armed forces and one makes his living working in the Air Force.

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His name is Jordan and he is a hero to me because he has risked his life five times for his country and the people of the United States. He has been serving for a total of seven years and is the most dedicated person to his Job that I have ever seen! My other cousin, Jared, would have to be the second most influential person in my ife. He is a big role model to me for many reasons. He is the nicest guy in the world. He would do anything in his power to make anyone around him have a better time or make his or her life better.

He is very honest and always does the right thing. Even though his was very mischievous as a youngster he turned into a very respectful man. He also served in the armed forces. He was in the National Guard for six years and put in a lot of hard work and dedication to the country. However, he only ever ent on one tour his experienced truly changed him for the better. My last example of a hero is probably the most influential and the most important woman or even person in my life today. My grandma. She has always been there for my sister and l. My grandma is the most caring and loving woman in the world, at least to me.

If there is one better I have yet to meet her. She is supporting in everything I have tried and is encouraging to anybody and everybody. She would give the shirt off of her own back to help somebody she Just meet. My grandma has been through a lot in her long life and has lived it to the fullest. She is my idol, and my biggest hero. On the contraire many people might disagree that a soldier is really a hero. They might argue who cares there are thousands of heroes if one soldier is a hero. There are tons soldiers. They may also ask is how is a grandma a hero? How could an old lady be a hero?

Most elderly women don’t save peoples lives or chase down criminals. That is very true and in the dictionary it also states that a hero is a man of istinguished ability. Any normal person with a little courage and a caring heart can be a hero to anybody. It is Just a matter of how people view you and your actions. I view my cousins and grandmas actions differently then anybody else does. That’s why they are my heroes. They exhibit all the qualities to be a hero to me. Even though there aren’t numerous movies about elderly women or soldiers being heroes there are still normal people out there who are heroes to people. Whats a hero By parrott50

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