What’s Worth Knowing

4 April 2015
An analysis and review on Wendy Lustbader’s book `What’s Worth Knowing about life experience gleaned by the older generation.

The paper reviews and analyzes What’s Worth Knowing` by Wendy Lustbader, a geriatric social worker who met many people of the older generation and wrote a book based on the experience they gleaned in their eighty or so years of living. The paper shows how the book uses ordinary individuals to make up stirring recollections.
`The book captures the pulse and flavor of the individual contributors; every one of the single-paged accounts reverberates with a spirit of great generosity and sincerity. A short, stirring biographical note and sometimes a photo accompanies each story. In her book Lustbader asks, what factors make life superior. Moreover, how do we live it? What do we know now that we wish we had known when we were young(er)? What advice would we give a young(er) person just starting out in life? Has anyone in our life taught us a valuable lesson? What was that lesson? If we could live our life over again, what would we do differently? What would we keep the same?`

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