When I Met My Bestfriend…Ashley

3 March 2019

One day at Westwood Elementary School in a second grade class, I was sitting in the back of the room in Mrs. Ulrich’s classroom just doing my phonics classwork. I was 8 years, had long hair, was light-skinned and was 4ft 10in tall. It was about 9:35 a.m. and my teacher got called to the office. She came back with a girl by the name of Ashley…Ashley Gordon. She was 9 years old and had two ponytails in her hair. She was dark-skinned and had brown eyes. My teacher had asked, “Could someone help out Ashley?” Nobody raised his or her hand so then Mrs. Ulrich said, “Zyonua, why don’t you help out Ashley. You are one of my respectable kids in this class, and it would be an honor if you show Ashley around.” Since I was a really nice person, I said, “Ok Mrs. Ulrich, I’ll do it.” I said.

After my teacher called me, I had got done with my phonics work and it was time for lunch, so I helped show her where most places were in the school. I showed her where the classrooms on the second floor were and where the pre-school room was and where the lunchroom was. After lunch we talked and got to know a lot about each other. I found out she had came from the school Hyde Park. I told her, “I have been here since kindergarten.” And then she responded back by saying, “So that’s only two year here. But it’s still cool.”
The next year in third grade, we both were in a teacher’s class named Mrs.Dupriest. She really loved us both. She used to ask us to help out with a lot of things like putting thing up on the walls and putting things up in and around the classroom. After me and Ashley would do this, our teacher would reward us with bubble gum and me and Ashley both love bubble gum.
One day I asked Ashley, “Do you want to be my best friends?” She responded by saying, “Yeah! Let’s be best friends forever!” We both have been best friends ever since second grade.
After three years, we were both in fifth together. Our teachers’ names were Mrs. Rosser and Mrs. Retic. They both were really cool teachers. I remember when Ashley had told me, “Mrs. Retic looks so evil, she never smile at all. She always lookin’ at somebody so evil and she always yellin’ at somebody. And her eye look crazy as hell!” After Ashley told me that and started cracking up because the way she said it was so funny. Then I told her, “ Girl you crazy. But I aint even gonna lie, that yellin gotta stop for real. And that eye just scare the crap outta me.” Then she started laughing and said, “Aw hecky na. You crazy Zy!”
After the first two months of school, Ashley just disappeared out of nowhere and didn’t come back. I had found out she went to Cheviot Elementary.
Ashley and me didn’t see each other for three years, until the first day of school when I came to Cheviot Elementary School for my eighth grade year. Now that we are both able to see each other, we are so happy.

When I Met My Bestfriend…Ashley Essay Example

The End

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