Where are memories stored?

1 January 2018

In our life, we have so many memories that are stored in our brain. The picnic is one of the activities that are held from time to time in our life. The picnic is held for the student to get some fun, as well as some relaxation for them, form studies.

Three picnic that I have attended was a family picnic, friend’s picnic, and school picnic. In our vacations, my family members decided to plan the picnic with our beloved ones. So the plan was made and my family decided to go to sea view. All the member are gathered at our house and then we went to have a breakfast at a desi restaurant. After the breakfast, we went to the picnic spot to have some fun. For sea view, we play some games like cricket and football it was really a fun. After playing games we all are tired and hungry as well so we decide to go to a restaurant for some food.

Where are memories stored? Essay Example

After the lunch, we decided to go to the comb of Quaid-e-Azam for fatiha. This picnic was so fun and enjoyable for me because we went for many places in one day. This picnic I will always remember in my brain because give me happy whenever I look back.The second picnic I will never forget his friend get to gather. After the finishing of our papers, my friend decided to have fun after the stressful month of paper. We decided to go to the farmhouse for night stay. Because it was not the family picnic so we have to contribute some money to pay the rent for farmhouse as well as to arranged food for our self.

Every member contributed 2000/ for food and other things that include transport and etc. So to travel to the farmhouse with having so much fun. When we reach farmhouse we decided to play football. After playing football we got hungry so we decide to eat some food. After eating food some member went for swimming and other member going for other activities. At night we click some pictures and made some memory. In morning we had a breakfast with tea and then we decided to go back with safety.

It was really a good picnic with some great memories.The last picnic that I remember was a type of educational tour. The school arranged this tour for students to get the knowledge of books. Expo central was the place where my school arranged the tour. The main purpose of this tour was to get the information of books that are presenting to us. This tour ends with a lot of information that is given by the teacher. Picnics are the part of our life some picnic made great memories and some are not.

The main purpose of the picnic is to relax our self for this stressful life.

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