Where are the dreams?

1 January 2019

Do you still remember the dreams we once have? Or we have lost it because of the long road we had gone though? If it is the repeated toil that has depleted our passion? And then we start to get used to it, obey it and finally become numbed with it .

. .My dream was come from deeply in my heart and from my original instinct. I dreamed to become a groundbreaking researcher in the field of Biology, or to become a brilliant Doctor who could cure the most headstrong diseases. I was fascinated with Biology since I was a child in primary school. Once, I gathered friends to raise the wicked mosquitos as an experiment in order to figure out how to kill them successfully. Because Taiwan is really their heaven, believe it or not they are everywhere.

Where are the dreams? Essay Example

We went to the school’s backyard and caught their larva in a dirty puddle and settled them down in a water bottle. We went to the library and asked teachers because Internet was not prevalent in at that time. It was quite fun to look disgusting mosquitos larva growing up day by day as they swimming in the bottle happily, and they do grow fast. So we knew how their life cycle, and the most efficient way we could come up with were to use mosquito repellent products or to get a gecko over. And one day I did “invite” two geckos from the corridor outside my home. Then it turns out well, no more little insects . .

. cool hum! Despite Mosquitos, I have also raised many other animals like dog, fish, mice, turtle, and silkworm . . . Most of them are normal, but with my curiosity and creativeness, I have raised even poop flies, ants, and cockroaches . . .

(It’s only for science~)I really DARE to depleted my LIFE for my dreams . . .I joined the Biology and Chemistry competition in my high school years were because my dream and interest. The competitions include four year’s university knowledge, from zoology to biochemistry. I know it would be hard and not many students would like to join it, and it would definitely take much time and efforts, but I was the FIRST one to join in. These two years, day after day, night after night, nothing could ever stop me.

No summer holidays, no winter holidays, no Saturdays or Sundays, I all give it to my dreams. I definitely enjoyed learning them. It was super cool to watch Amoeba proteus trying to eat up paramecium under the microscope. I might not be the smartest, but I could spare out all my lunchtime to get more practice on them without eating lunches all semesters. I could sleep only 5 hours everyday in order to read more books (Not because it’s hard, but simply because I am thirsty for knowledge). I could get up early in the morning and go to school lib first and start reading. I love myself and I do value my life.

But I fear more to be dead in blank or live so long without achieving anything. I would prefer to live like the flaring Aluminum, extremely bright but short-lived. “ Life is like a play: it’s not the length, but the excelle¬¬¬nce of the acting that matters! ” Just as Seneca once said.Biology is quite connected to our daily life. I am not just simply learning the knowledge, but I also use them in life. Last winter, fishes in my house aquarium died massively and no one knows why but me. Because at meantime I was learning the microbiology and knew that it was caused by some parasite.

Since I could see some little white dots on the fishes and some things little float in the water. I checked the Google and books and knew that was actually cause by Ichthyophthirius. And after a little researching, I cured fishes successfully.I have learnt Taekwondo for 8 years. I have taken countless matches, and have seen innumerable competitors. 8 years, I have learnt not only from its sprites, patience, eloquent, and indomitable, but also from its faiths and passion. Besides, my family was once poor when I was little, but my parents never give up fighting and hoping.

Thus we are much wealthier than before and finally have our own big house. And I have learnt much from it, especially the spirit of never give up.Basked in the burning sunshine, walked in the crazy raindrops, and withstood the heavy storms. Everything might get down, but how about my dreams? Could I still hold them safe and sound?“ OF COURSE YES! ANYTIME. ” I said with confidence.

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