Where Did the Originality Go?

11 November 2018

Okay, so I was listening to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ album today on their MySpace page. I was really impressed… in the beginning. What happened? It started off good with “You Better Pray” and then kicked in with a bunch of softer melodic junk from there. “Senioritis” was a pretty good song too, but why did it have to be so short? This is definitely not the previous hardcore RJA, no, this is much softer.

I really respect everything that they write, the music that they play, and their experiences and talents, but this was seriously a letdown for me. On the previous album, they had two acoustic tracks if I remember correctly. The rest of the album was full of electric guitar and screaming.

I really hope that the band is going to play those older songs too on the tour, because the new songs don’t really represent who The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was before.

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On this whole album, “Lonely Road”, I get 2 lines of scream in the first song? Is that a tactic to draw more people into listening to the rest?

Thankfully, I have a wide variety of musical tastes, and this album wasn’t a total flop. It showed a lot of Ronnie’s vocals from “In Fate’s Hands”, and even a more soulful side, which I was surprised.

I really hope that the next album will be more rock and roll, because this was obviously just a plot to put RJA in the mainstream.

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