Where Have You Been?

2 February 2017

Where are you going, Where have you been? Stephanie Bumpase AIU Where are you going, Where have you been? The character Connie in the story “Where are you going, Where have you been? ” was a young 15yr old girl in a small town. She was beautiful and knew that she was beautiful. A flat character is a character that stays the same throughout a story (Gioia & Kennedy, 2010) and a round character is the opposite of flat in which the character changes significantly (Gioia & Kennedy, 2010).So in this story, Connie could be consider a round character because before Arnold Friend came around she was like any other teenager and when he came and put a little fear in her, she became a scared little girl. I fell that Connie was an individual character.

Her mom was always critizing her. June was in another category. Connie Dad really did not do or say much. So Connie had to stand on her own two feet by herself. Connie’s mom was a stay at home mom, like most small town people. Her Dad would work long hours and her sister would work and help pay bills and keep the house clean.Like in most towns as well, there was always a parent would drop their teenagers off at the mall or movies and pick them up.

Where Have You Been? Essay Example

This town would do what any other town would do. Connie was like any other typical teenager. Connie was for one, beautiful and two she was a curious teenager. She was into boys like most teenage girls do. Connie likes to look good and keep up with her image. What changes that occurred in Connie are when she went to the drive-in and she took that ride with that boy. And when her sister asked her how the movie was, she said it was alright.

There was an antagonist-protagonist between Connie and Arnold. Connie was the protagonist and Arnold was the antagonist. Arnold kept telling Connie that she was going to take a ride with him. He kept on and kept on with her and he told her also that she was his. She didn’t want to go anywhere with him and she insist that she was not going. What you later learn about Connie is that she started out as a happy go lucky young lady. She then became a brave young lady when she talked sharp back to Arnold.

Then as the story continues, you see that Connie was a scared little girl. Her mom was always comparing Connie with June.Her mom wanted Connie to be more like June and her father never said anything. June really didn’t hang out with Connie. Through the music and this strange guy showing up, Connie was amused at first. Connie kept talking to the Stranger to figure out who he was and how he knew her. The shift changer of the story was when Connie question Arnold his age and seen how his looks changed.

The theme slowly change when Connie insist that she was going to call the police. Arnold informs her that “Soon as you touch the phone I don’t need to keep my promise and can come inside, you won’t want that” (Oates, 1970).Some of the major stages were when Connie notice Ellie’s face. She also notices the boots on Arnold that they seem kind of big. Also When Ellie said “You want that telephone pulled out? ” (Oates, 1970). Another major stage was when Arnold said that the old lady down the road was dead. The symbolic contrast between the stranger and the ordinary town’s people was that the stranger was not an ordinary town’s people but a killer.

He was in that town, stalking his prey and killing people. Connie action at the end of the story may have been a betrayal to her family because she was dead and didn’t say good-bye.She didn’t let her family know that she would be gone forever. The way the story ended was a tragic. It makes you think that this could really happen to you. It shows that Connie was seeing the light and was going to the light. It could be a warning to let people know to not to trust everyone.

She could had called the police when she first heard the car coming down the drive way. That way the police could be coming and her life would have been saved. Parents should always tell their kids to never talk to strangers. The conflict between June and Connie is that they had an age difference.June was a little more reserved and Connie wasn’t. This could tell you in the story, that June was a little more mature. June would pay bills and clean around the house and Connie was young and hard headed.

The stranger name was kind of funny. He had a real first name “Arnold”, but the last name was trying to be a bit funny “Friend. ” Friend is a statement that he is everybody friend. The letter “X” means that Connie was going to be Arnold next victim. Like the saying “X marks the spot. ” Connie’s action compare to today generation is the same.

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