Where I Find You by Kari Jobe

12 December 2019

Any good album must have a focal point. For Kari Jobe’s latest album, Where I Find You, has two: prayer and a call to action.

Song after song, Jobe pours her heart out to her Savior, focusing on God’s strength and power as she shares her personal prayers with listeners. The pain is evident in songs like “Steady My Heart” and “Find You on My Knees,” yet you can sense a calming peace as she chooses to not carry the weight of her burdens, instead handing them over to her Savior. These songs are refreshing as they encourage us not to dwell on the pain, but to trust God completely with all that we go through.

Where I Find You by Kari Jobe Essay Example

The second focus is a clear commission to Christians more than anything else. The first single of the album, “We Are,” proclaims this commission loudly:

“We are the light of the world
We are a city on a hill
We are the light of the world
And we gotta let the light shine”

This commission is emphasized again and again in “Rise” and “We Exalt Your Name.” We hear Jobe encouraging her listeners to not only share the love of God through the Gospel, but to also praise and worship Him in their own personal lives. This is something we have sadly lost. I hope Jobe’s songs will rekindle this lost conviction.

The music itself is a powerful blend of guitars and piano which mix perfectly with Jobe’s magnificent vocals. For times of struggling and sadness, Where I Find You will uplift and encourage. It will empower Christians to stand for Jesus and accept the great commission of going into all the world “and preach the Gospel unto every creature.”

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