Where We Are by Westlife

The long lasting Irish pop group has a reputation based on love ballads and pop songs. However, this album attempts to avoid those areas except of course, ‘Leaving’.

1. Where We Are : The only song in the album which is a cover. Despite having broken their promise (that they’d never do another cover in the new album), this song has a very emotional tone and i especially love the bridge.

2. How to Break A Heart:
Perhaps my favourite song on the album. The song starts off slow and rises to an amazing finish. The part where they sing : ‘how to break a heaart-heart-heart-heart’ just makes you want to sing along with them.

3. Leaving:
Well, this kind of songs are what made them famous, so how could they leave it out of the picture? Nevertheless, great work.

4. Shadows:
When that special someone has left…

5. Talk Me Down:
A slow song filled mostly with Mark’s voice. A great opportunity for him to show off his vocal talents.

6. Where We Are:
Their title song – certainly not one to be missed. It makes you think about the here and now.

7. The Difference
One of the slightly more upbeat songs off the album. A perfect wedding song / couple song / whatever the occasion calls for.

8. As Love Is My Difference
Another of my favourite songs. How can anyone resist that chorus? “‘Cos love is my witness
I swear
I’ll be with you till the end
Nothing in tear this love apart
I’ll put my hand upon my heart
This is the promise I’ll make to you
Whatever comes we’ll see it through
Nothing can break it
This feeling’s too strong
‘Cos love is my witness”

9. Another World
Ever want to escape to dullness of reality and go to somewhere with the person you loved most in the world? This song fits the bill perfectly.

10. No More Heroes
Starting off with a piano and rises to a spectacular end. Love Mark’s vocals in this song especially. If you don’t know who’s Mark, he’s the one with the deep soulful voice and the one who’s hitting all the high notes.

11. Sound of A Broken Heart
My third favourite song on this album. The song is about moving on after a very major break up. Good for people who wish to move on.

12. Reach Out
It talks about those who will still be there even has the world feels like it’s falling apart. The sounds of the guitar give this song a more natural feeling.

13. I’ll See You Again
This song talks about a loved one leaving, or passing on. Warning: tears ahead.

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