Where Will You Be Next Fall?

4 April 2019

So, where will you be next fall
Where isyour top choice
Maybe you should make a call
Counselors love tohear your voice

Up North, down South, possibly out West
Do youwant sunshine, rain or snow
What location for you would bebest

Big school, little school, somewhere in between
Oh, nevermind, the size of your school makes little difference
Ha, funny joke,I think I know just what you mean

So many schools to thinkabout
I don’t even know where to start
I can only hope thateverything will all work out
At least I know it’s a decision I canonly make with my heart

So many things on my mind
Family,friends, work, sports and school
I feel as though I am in a hugebind
This process is so far from cool

It is really a toughdecision to make
And I truly have no clue
So please, for my ownsake
Don’t tell me what I need to do

Now, ask me the samequestion, please just one more time
Where will you be next year?
Itold you I have no clue, and no I’m not fine
Maybe, just maybe, younow can see my fear

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