Where Will You Put Your Million Dollars?

1 January 2017

All women no matter what race or religion deserve to suffer. I don’t mean that type of suffering I mean that all women deserve to have suffrage. Women are only different than men in gender otherwise they are very similar if not exactly alike. Why is it that our country is so biased that we choose to only give the right to vote to men while it affects both the men and women of our country. Women make up roughly forty percent of our population so if we give them the right to vote then we can all come together as a whole to tackle the other problems our society is facing such as child labor, food safety and deforestation.

Women suffrage is one of if not the most important issue out society is facing at the moment so I’ve decided that six hundred thousand dollars be spent on giving these women what they really deserve. Children should break their bones during sports and games not inside coalmines while working. People always say I only want the best for my child, so why is it that children are being put to labor at such a young age. Is that what the best for your child is. Children should live a carefree and fun life. Their lives most certainly should not be spent in the coal mines.

Where Will You Put Your Million Dollars? Essay Example

Even after two children have been injured and killed inside the mines while at work our society decides not to make an effort to spot this madness. A child should not have to endure that type of suffering or danger children are still developing so if we are requiring that these children work at such a young age what will they develop into. Child labor is a very important issue that our society faces and really should not be a part of our society so I have chosen to give three hundred thousand dollars to stop child labor all together in America.

Should we have to worry about if the chicken we are eating was once covered in rat dung and still carries residue of that. I don’t think anyone should have to worry about something like that. This issue is too straight forward and is something we as a country should not have to worry about but it is still happening. Unsafe food is an issue we are facing and it must be solved as soon as possible for the safety and well being of our nation. Unclean food can cause things such as disease and sickness.

Is it safe that a piece of meat that tumbled onto the floor and collected dirt, sawdust and saliva and not cleaned or thrown away. I believe that food safety is a very serious issue and one that we should not be facing as a nation so I have chosen to give one hundred thousand dollars to keep the food we eat safe. If these three issues can be resolved by us as a nation maybe we can grow as a nation as well. These issues are very serious ones and should be resolved as soon as they possibly can and I believe that with time and effort they all can.

If we can give women the right to vote then maybe that will allow us to unite as a nation so that we may tackle many other problems with more ease. If we can stop child labor then maybe the youth of our country can go on to get a proper education and be able to make new discoveries and advance our nation. If we can keep the food we eat safe maybe we can decrease the number of people who get diseases. I believe all problems in society can be resolved if we can handle them one at a time and step by step.

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