Whether Children Take Care of Old People or Not

9 September 2016

This is a paradox that some old people are forced to live in an old-aged home because they are abandoned by their children , besides , some choose to live in a home with their peer group. Together with this phenomenon , a controversial issue is that who should actually take the responsibility for paying these services.

In the first place, some people strongly argue that children should be responsible for paying care services their parents when they live in Old- aged home. Obviously, One of the most significant virtues of people is that we ought to take the duty to show the gratitude and thankfulness for parent’s upbringing when we are mature enough. Undoubtedly , our parents have dedicated and sacrificed their all lives for next generation and brought a better life for us by working in toil and moil . In return , it is important to deserve to be paid back in appropriate manner.

On the other hand, some other people believe that governments has to pay for this care service. It is also suitable that government should support the old people if they do not have any children to take care of them or do not have salary for their living expenses , government should take responsibility for funding them. Furthermore , getting older is an inevitable fact in human life and not excepting anyone we will get older in the future , family and government had better to have a good preparation for convalescence.

This is also a common issue of society but anyone’s business , therefore, paying for this care services is an undeniable responsibility of government. In conclusion , I would rather insist that this kind of the social responsibilities should be reasonably implemented by the government of any country. More importantly, authorities and politic makers can take actions for a long term initiative , hopefully this reasonable solution will work in the near future.

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