Whether One Language Spoken Worldwide Would Lead

12 December 2017

One language spoken worldwide would lead to a better world. Discuss. How many languages do you think exist in the world? In today’s world, there are approximately 6,800 known languages spoken in about 200 countries. But can you imagine all people speaking only one language? It is still questionable if one language spoken worldwide would lead to a better world. Firstly, by using one language, people can be better for business communication.

It cannot be denied that language is an insuperable barrier that makes communication more complicated. Most people try to study two or more languages to do business across the countries.They spend too many years learning foreign languages. If we use only one language in the whole world, the concerning of lack of understanding among people would not happen. Another benefit of one language being spoken throughout the world is the leading to common cultural values, which would make the earth a better place to live.

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However, it is said that language differences reflect cultural differences, and It is really hard to make everyone use a different language Instead of their mother tongue. Moreover, one language is not enough to Improve the world.

Opponents argue that one language would not prevent division based on the lack of understanding between different religions. It Is because International difficulties In negotiations or business cooperation are the result of various ethnic backgrounds, historical prejudices and cultural differences, to which a common language could not be an effective solution. To sum up, In my opinion, using one common language, alone, Is not a solution to leading to a better world. Therefore, to Improve communication between different countries, to make a better world, It Is actually Important to change people’s psyche and attitude to various nations Instead.

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