Whether people should retire at 60

6 June 2016

Nowadays, at what age should people retire has become a controversial issue in modern society. In this essay, I will discuss some views regarding this problem and give my own opinion.

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Whether people should retire at 60
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Some people believe 60 or 65 is the most reasonable age for retirement due to several causes. Firstly, to work and to retire is citizens’ obligation and right rather than simple individual choice to some extent. If every one could decide when to retire by themselves, it is hard for the government to ensure a productive and healthy workforce. Secondly, the state pension system is operated on an age basis. In particular, people are allowed to receive pension after an intended age instead of from when they retire. Therefore, the pension could be made best use of when people retire at a certain age. Thirdly, the work-induced stress may lead to health concern for the elderly over 60 or 65, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and insomnia.

However, others argue that people should have the right to work as long as they like which is arguable from some perspectives. The senior citizens who insist working tend to be more energetic and confident with highly-valued experience and wisdom. This is specifically well-illustrated in knowledge-based occupations such as teachers, professors, doctors and lawyers. Moreover, some people argue that if some great minds like scientists or politicians retired at 60, it would be a loss for the society as a whole.

In my opinion, people should retire at 60 or 65 as a norm to keep a balanced workforce for the nation. Nevertheless, there could be exceptions for special careers especially some top experts in various fields if they prefer to work longer.

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