Which Social Groups Are Marginalized Within the Text

2 February 2017

Juan Jose Martinez Which social groups are marginalized within the text (written task 2) There are 3 social classes which are present in the novel 1984 by George Orwell. The book was written in 1949showing the authors perspective of a possible futures ruled by totalitarianism, where the world is subdivided in 3 countries which are controlled by regimes. Oceania is where the story take place, is divided in 3 social classes: the high class conform by the party members and the leaders of the regimen, the middle class by standard citizens and the low represented by the proles.The middle class is silenced because they have the power to change things and to think differently and the proles are excluded due to their number and besides their labor they do not apport anything else to the regimen. Even though the disadvantages of each class they live in an ironic harmony where they have certain advantages from the others.

The most silenced group is the middle class. The citizens are told that big brother is the leader “those who control the past control the future, who control the present control the past”.The party controls the present so people do what they wished. Big brother use totalitarianism government to manipulate history in which they change historic events and suppress realities in order to make people think the regimen has been ruling since the beginning of all times. By using technology the regimen maintain psychological control, using dispositive such the telescreen used monitor every single movement and expression in people’s faces so they do what they are told, and even they don’t have any time to think differently.The information that is given to the citizens is manipulated to fit the party’s objectives and because it is the only information available people believe it because there is no record of a standard society which could be compared to the regimen, so people believe it improves their lives. The reason why they are silenced is because their capacity to change things, even though the middle class is not included in the inner party members, they have access to the inner party main buildings and records that show different kinds of though, so by reading historic records these people develop a evolutionary way of thinking and by following the party’s orders each day they are concern about the true intention of the regimen making them very dangerous.

Which Social Groups Are Marginalized Within the Text Essay Example

Besides all the access to different knowledge this class have, the majority of its members live in an ironic happiness, where they have access to food, shelter, a job and limited benefits, but they live in a complete lie by accepting the regimen as their savior living in an ignorant happiness. The middle class is represented as being silenced very easily.It is a true representation of many societies around the globe such as the German during the Nazi period and the Russians with the communism regimen. Since ancient times societies have been subdivided in classes, and in most of the cases the ruling class is conformed by the ones with more power and money. In order to take control or to create a regimen, the power classes take advantage when they detect a weakness in the politic system, thanks to their money and that they are well educated they know how to persuade other classes to gain their support.All the regimens through history have stated with a charismatic leader which promise progress and the greater good for everybody, because they make all this promises when people are in a weak situation, they win their support very easily as the people believe what they are saying because it is their best option. Of the three social classes that compose the book, the proles are the ones who receive the baddest treatment.

They compose the 85% of all Oceania population, and the party is only interested on them because their labor. The regimen excludes them from the rest of the society due to their large population which represent a real danger to the big brothers goals. Because the main characteristic of the proles is to be submitted to hard work, they don’t get in conscious of anything outside their daily lives, and they just accept their fate.This is the most excluded group in the novel because of their number which can be very difficult, expensive and dangerous for the party to monitor and control, so they just leave the aside assigning them the hardest work letting them live their lives mostly as they will. Again here is a example of the ironic harmony, despite they live in infrahuman conditions they still have their freedom, and can enjoy some humans pleasures such sex which is forbidden for other classes.Even though because their lack of education they are the party’s puppets and they don’t even think of creating a revolution despite their large numbers. As Winston (the novels protagonist) says the proles are the future he has the reason as they are the only ones with enough members to create a coup d’etat.

In 1984 traitors get killed when they commit crime against big brother, and in some cases they are brain washed in order to convert them in the party’s marionettes. proles are consider traitors as they don’t belong directly to the party.But the thing is that the party does not have concrete evidence of them, but they just speculate that because proles have more freedom than others allowing them to commit many crimes or to do forbidden thing like drinking alcohol without the regimen realizing. In conclusion the three groups in Oceania live in an ironic harmony, because of their specific roles that maintain the structure of Oceania, being governed by big brother. Because the proles don’t have time to think in anything else than work they create a society where all people are equal and they enjoy a certain freedom that any other class has.Where the outer party member (middle class) is the most submitted but they have access to buildings and they are kept alive in human conditions, and the inner party members hold the high charges in the organization of their society. Even though these three groups will never coincide with each other, their subdivision and their tasks are indispensable for the structure of theirs society and to make the regimen work well.

So they hate each other but they do not do anything about that because they are adjusted to their live style.

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