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9 September 2016

Whipped into Inspiration “Cheer is your pulse, heartbeat, your breathing. It’s rhythm of your life. It’s the expression and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy. ” –Jaques D’Amboise. Every since I was a little child, I would be astonished and mesmerized by how cheerleaders could captivate your attention on their movements. One simple technique could keep you wondering all night. Questions you would ask yourself would be; how did she do that or how much practice did it take her just to perfect that one single move?

I’ve had this urge, ever since I was 4 years old, to be able to entertain thousands of millions of people on the competition dance floor. I’ve always thought that life is about leaving your mark in the world. I feel that through cheer I could transmit my life story and leave my work. I know that I will get to the top by practicing and learning many different styles of dance along my pilgrimage. “You do a certain movement and tons of people in the crowd go “Oooh”, and you didn’t even need to say anything, tell a joke, and sing lyrics because you were just moving to the beat.

Whipped Inspiration Essay Example

That always gets them” –Alonzo Jones. Before I found my passion for cheer, I only had one goal in my mind. That goal was become the “THE BEST” cheerleader. I’ve been told that dreaming big will only lead to disappointment but I’m a very fierce competitor. I’m perseverant and tenacious in achieving my goals. I remember that, before I was introduced to cheer, I wanted to somehow want to be unique in our society. Before cheer, I was mostly focused on designing my ideal life. I want to build my life towards something. That “something” is my goals in life.

The first time I saw a cheer routine was when I saw a cheerleading competition. On that evening, the cheer music was blasting and there was the team on the stage. Anybody who was brave enough would go up there and dance in front of thousands of individuals. I was sitting down beside my mother and we were just watching in a gaze. Proud fans clapped and screamed as the cheerleading team approached the dance floor. They went up on the dance floor, they started dancing and I wasn’t quite sure what style they were using because I have a very vague memory of that day.

The cheerleaders then inspired me into cheerleading after their performance. I felt, throughout their performance, that I needed to be like them. So from that day on, I decided to cheer. I started practicing and doing a lot of research to find a local cheerleading team. Another person who inspired me even more to cheer was my cousin Stephanie. I remember the way she danced was amazing and I could feel her commitment to the cheer routine. I don’t know how, but that’s just the magic of cheerleading.

Throughout this journey, I have been exposed to various cheerleading styles. For example: stunting and jumping. Stunting is all about using various people to lift another person into the air. They all work together as a group. The term jumping is just using flexibility to your best ability and just flying the air. I personally like stunting better because the audience gets more entertained more. I mostly like doing stuff that shocks the audience with questions. My favorite stint is the “Liberty”. I love doing this stunt because it always leaves the audience fascinated.

All my focus is towards my performance on the dance floor and how I captivate my viewers’ heedfulness. Now that I’m older I’ve decided that the best thing for me to do was just to continue my cheerleading and venture off doing others things. I decided to try-out for my high school cheerleading team and even though I was sure that I didn’t have enough skills to be accepted on the team because of all of their further skills than I. I realized that I really did have the skills to be successful on the high school cheerleading team and I made it during my freshman year of high school.

Ever since then, my cheerleading skills have increased dramatically and now I feel more confident than ever. It’s my senior year of high school and I’ve continued my cheer career and I want to further continue my cheer career into college because I feel that cheerleading gives me self-confidence, healthy, and allows me to be competitive but yet channeling my inner-self. My life has advanced very differently since I’ve been into cheerleading. I used to want to pursue many other sports but was never quite interested like I am into cheerleading. I will express my life story into cheerleading.

I hope that one day a person in the audience can be inspired just like the way I was. Cheerleading has been a very vital part in my life. Growing with it has made me look at the world differently in new eyes. “Remember that cheerleading has dimension beyond the physical. The body as imperfect as it always is, is only part of the picture. Your energy, the quality of your movement, your feeling about the world, your cheerleading spirit that is what we see under the hot lights will the audience is glaring out at you above. ” –Dance and Cheer Magazine

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